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They've been taking too much crack, don't do drugs, you don't want to look like that now do you?

     Fear His Penis will no longer be updated. I can't even begin to describe the fun I've had working on this site and it's hard for me to just leave it behind and say goodbye but it's a must.


Thanks to all of you that have come and laughed and, well, just got it.

      When my counter hit 100 visitors I was excited... when it hit 1000 I thought it was incredible...when it hit 10,000, I was afraid the cops would come and arrest me for having bad thoughts about Rob... ;P

      It's so hard to let it go, especially with all the positive feedback I've been getting. I'd never thought I'd ever have "fans," the first time someone used that word with me, I was beyond shocked... Thank you.

    And don't think that just because I'll no longer be updating that I love my boys any less. Matchbox Twenty's music still rocks my world.

    heres one final picture update for old times sakes.

Love, Me

     Let me leave you with an email I got a months back cause it rocks. "I really feel for you 'Rob's penis'. These people who read and respond to your site are so rude to you. You've taken the time and effort to bring us humur and fun, this is how you're treated.? I feel for you. Just take yourself and give yourself a big long hug, squeeze and jerk off into their face. If only I could be there for you. If only." hehe. THANK YOU!.

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