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What have they been sniffing?

I'd like to thank those of you that has sent lovely, encouraging emails. Yet there's always a few that are either not so loving or just plain stupid, so for your viewing pleasure, here they are.

Original emails are in white and red, of  course is me.


yo whats up? chillin here. real bored and i found ur site about ur penis. hahah. jk .anyway. i really like that one video u did, " bent" good video work . iliked it. just wanted to say wassup. write me back if ya can.

later, mike

Dearest Mike,

This is Rob's penis writing back to you. Usually I would be off playing with Rob's hands but today I got real bored and found your email. Yes I know, Bent was a great video, of course, because I was in it. Except for the fact that when Kyle kicked Rob, it hurt me...a lot too. I'm up so I better go find Kyle and Paul now... Good day.

Rob's Penis

hey, is this really u that writes these emails back? i mean. if its someone that does it for ya i wont tell nobody. i was just curious, cause if u really are rob thomas, it be cool to tell everyone that i "talk" to ya. :O) your videos are so awesome, keep up the good work and write back please.

Yes... It is me... Rob's penis... Well of course I have someone else typing for me...I'm talented in my ways but not in's just impossible. I'm sorry. Rob always covered me up in his videos though. But I'm sure the fans would love it if he didn't. Hey, why don't you go start a petition to get me in his videos?
Love, Rob's Penis

Ok i have a u like matcbox twenty becuz well i read the jokesand junk, and then u have matchbox twenty art and stuff so just e-mail me back

I'm a huge Matchbox Twenty fan. This whole website is a joke. Nothing more than a joke. It's not intended to hurt MB20 in anyway. It's not an anti-Rob Thomas site at all. Hail to Rob's penis.

What the Hell is your problem? Why create a website about someone just to trash them? What's up with the whole penis thing huh? I am sorry, but you are really disturbed.

Yes fine so I'm disturbed... at least I can read... Please go back to the index page and reread the disclaimer. I recommend Hooked On Phonics. Great program. As for the penis'd have to ask Rob Thomas why he talks about it so much.


so i heard u suck dick

Well I I guess this has to be the most unique email I've gotten. I've been trying to figure out if they meant that they heard I suck dick or that they're like weeb smoker Mike there and think that I'm  Rob and that he sucks dick... In any case, whats wrong with that?