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Dear Diary

Aug. 20th, 200

Oh diary what should I do?! I fucking lost the only pair of pants I have yesterday. Worse still, I dont even have any underwear. I can't fucking go out like this! The insane fans will get me. And besides theres no way I'll ever fine the perfect pants again. All leather and fucking tight and showed off great ass. What if Kyle becomes the favorite now that I dont have my leather pants? Oh no! But I have to look at this as a blessing, I was fucking chaffed up anyway.

They tell me I have to go on tour again. I already fucking did a tour damnit. I'm too fucking tired to go do another whole tour. But then I guess  fucking touring does has its advantages. I get to sleep on the same fucking bus as Paul and Kyle *giggles*.  I get to fucking show Kyle, the sexy man, how to use his guitar if you know what I mean. Speaking of Kyle, we had a little kid  fucking coming up to us a few days ago but stopped right in his fucking tracks and screamed when he saw Kyle. Apparently the boy was fucking deathly afraid of wild animals. Almost had a heart attack too, a seven year old, go figure.

I was reliving my fucking happy days in the bathroom this morning and I just realized that damn the chicks  fucking love me. I may not know that two plus three equals six without using my fucking toes, but they really fucking love me!

Lets see what else happened? Oh yes I know, Paul started fucking crying yesterday for no reason and the rest of the band had to give him a fucking manicure and sing Barry White for him before he would calm down. Ah, as cute as he is, sometimes I wonder if it's even worth it, having him around.

Adam hurt his fucking back yesterday while pretending to be superman and fucking jumping off the sofa. I wonder what his grandkids thinks of that? But he should really watch it now, old people have really fucking brittle bones.

We haven't seem Brian for a couple of days now, we don't fucking miss anything.

Well I have to go to my shooting class. Watch out 3rd Eye Blind. *giggles* but Diary, you didn't hear anything!