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DeGarmo & Key

DeGarmo & Key is one of my favorite Christian Rock bands, and they were pioneers in the industry and genre along with Petra and Whiteheart, to name a few. They were the first Christian Rock band that I ever heard back in 1987 or 1988 when I was in fifth grade. Their D&K album was out at the time, and it remains my favorite with its timeless tunes highlighted by the classic "Rock Solid."

I had the opportunity to see DeGarmo & Key in concert when I was in ninth grade in October of 1991. We have an annual youth event in northeast Wisconsin called The Power of One, and this was the innaugural event at my very own Neenah High School Fieldhouse. D&K were on their Go to the Top tour, and they put on an awesome show. I was right up in the second or third row of fans, and they came on stage with the lights off and the Phantom of the Opera theme booming through the speakers. They played a solid set of current and classic tunes, and I was impressed with their musicianship and stage presence. My only disappointment was the fact that they didn't play my favorite tune, "Rock Solid," but concert was definitely a highlight of my freshman year!

After searching all over the internet for pages dedicated to DeGarmo & Key, I decided to start this, my own humble page in tribute to one of my favorite Christian Rock bands. If you are unfamiliar with DeGarmo & Key, check out some sound clips from their first two albums, listen to MP3s, and watch some of their videos, including "Six, Six, Six, which was banned from MTV for being too violent (the devil gets burned up). I hope you enjoy your visit, and feel free to sign the guestbook or shoot me an e-mail with any stories, memories, or thoughts on DeGarmo & Key's legacy.

I just learned of another DeGarmo & Key webpage, so check it out!

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