The Candy-Ass Pansy Bitches' first show was April 8th 2000 at Ferrara's in Boone NC. For more information please email the band at Thank you. Die.

3.23.01 Boone NC @ the Old Jailhouse w/ Pency Prep, the Sexy Fuckers and others
4.28.01 Boone NC @ Carribean Cafe w/ Why Mama Cries and Pency Poop

The South Will Fall Again Tour
5.17.01 Chattanooga TN @ Rear Entry w/ Why Mama Cries, Gang Bang, Forced Vengeance, Trailer Park Heroes
5.18.01 Atlanta GA @ Squaresville w/ Why Mama Cries, Black Aux, Pintsize, Electrosheep International
5.19.01 Auburn AL house show w/ Hematovore
5.20.01 Tallahassee FL @ Thunderdome w/ Brownie-Points, Tres Dick, Mall Babes
5.22.01 Mobile AL @ the Splash w/ Kamikaze, the Remnants
5.24.01 Athens GA @ Above Bookstore w/ Taking Robots to the Prom, Classic City Chaos, the Chicken Matrix
5.25.01 Augusta GA @ Capri Cinema w/ Reciprocal
5.26.01 Asheville NC @ Riverside w/ Bomb Threat & others