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NEWS!: Tour starts mid-May. Look for a CAPB 7" in August 01 on Thrash Noise Records (Bakersfield, CA).


destroyer bitch- guitar, male throat

angel bitch- deathguitar, female throat

mozzer demon bitch- guitar and underwear

jason bitch- drums and come, animal sacrifice

meat product 15- bass, goatthroat

araņa bitch- drums

warmaker bitch-drums

slutty crocker- catering
kariann- spirit booster
toby christ- manager
shadow ray- manager
putney swope- truth and soul
drone 6- anal paper cut
rogers elliott- crotch popsicle
fuck (from pubespeare)- keys
trance- death army cia


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IT'S COMING: Filming of CH1's "Behind the Music: The Candy-Ass Pansy Bitches" will be completed sometime. Metallica sucks.

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