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Bruce Springsteen lifeline

  • 23 September 1949

Birthday of Bruce Frederick Springsteen.

  • 1958

Springsteen sees Elvis Presley on T.V. and starts playing guitar.

  • 1964

Bruce joins his first band, the Rogues. Later he becomes a member the Castiles.

  • 22 May 1966

The group records Baby I. Springsteens first time ever on vinyl.

  • 19 June 1967

He graduates from high school.

  • 1969

His family moves west, he stays in Ashbury Park.

  • November 1971

Springsteen meets Mike Appel. They sign the contract on the hood of a car.

  • 2 May 1972

Springsteen auditions for John Hammond from Columbia Records.

  • 9 June 1972

He signs the contract with CBS.

  • 12 November 1972

They perform for the first time as Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band.

  • January 1973

His first record Greetings from Ashbury Park,NJ is released in the U.S.

  • November 1973

Second record The Wild, The Innocent and the E Street Shuffle released.

  • 9 May 1974

Jon Landau sees Bruce at Harvard Square Theater and writes :I saw rock and roll future and its name is Bruce  Springsteen.

  • August 1975

Born To Run released.

  • 27 October 1975

He's on the cover of both Time and Newsweek.

  • November 1975

Bruce performs for the first time in Europe, London.

  • 27 July 1976

Bruce sues his manager Mike Appel. This lawsuit will take almost a year.

  • May 1978

Darkness On The Edge Of Town is released and co-produced by Jon Landau.

  • October 1980

The River released. Hungry Heart is his first hit single.

  • 3 January 1982

Springsteen records Nebraska and the half of Born In The USA in his bedroom.

  • September 1982

Nebraska released. His first solo album.

  • June 1984

Born In The USA released which will become one of the biggest selling records in history.

  • October 1984

He meets Julianne Phillips.

  • 13 May 1985

They marry.

  • November 1986

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band Live/1975-85 released. His first live album.

  • August 1987

Tunnel Of Love released.

  • 30 August 1988

Julianne Phillips files for divorce after seeing pictures of Bruce and Patti in the tabloids.

  • 15 October 1988

The E Street Band play their final concert. It will take more than 10 years before they will perform again together.

  • 25 July 1990

Evan James Springsteen his first child is born. Later will follow another son and daughter.

  • 8 June 1991

Bruce and Patti get married.

  • April 1992

Human Touch and Lucky Town are released simultaneously after years of silence.

  • 15 June 1992

Bruce starts touring without the E-Streeters.

  • 21 March 1994

Springsteen gets an Oscar for Streets Of Philadelphia.

  • March 1995

Greatest Hits released.

  • November 1995

The Ghost Of Tom Joad released.

  • 5 May 1997

Springsteen accepts the Polar price.

  • November 1998

Tracks released.

  • 15 March 1999

Bruce inducted into the Hall Of Fame.

  • 8 April 1999

Beginning of a new Tour with the E-Street Band in Barcelona.

  • 9 June 1999

Enters the Songwriters Hall Of Fame