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I Love This, I Have waited Forever for someone to make me one..To My Bestest Friend Just Gizmo With out you i wouldnt have made it this far, you are the besest friend anyone could everhave..To my newest friend Mr.Has A Stiffy (gene)For which you the maker of this page has made something that i wanted a reality.Hmmm what Else Yessss I Live in PA But I Am Not Amish as Giz Says I Am .My Pic I Always Say I am 29......again.oops brb i have to go pee..lmao.. I Love BARGRILLERS I dont go anywhere else, when I go to the Show, Me I Run and Hide .I have alot of Blonde moments, Ummmmm what else.. lol I sell Insurance But if Put this They Will Find Me . I'm Really Just Me Nothing Special in Any way Nor Do I try to Be . I am really sensative to Feelings I hurt when anyone Hurts even when I dont know them But I Will Be there for them if they Need Me . Soooo What Else can I tell ya I have two Sons Teens But U cant say that then they will know i'm Not 29......again I have found many Friends on even My Bestest Friend Just Gizmo. I cant leave out the the one person for who has helped me make the DJ i am today, without his support and faith in me when no one else did, our very ownTristinn..
And not yet least our very own ~~Angel~~ Thank you Big_Bad_Wolf88 and Sonsee for taking the time to do my Profiles for BG Suzy DJ and Just Suzy .....ummmmm ohhhh Star Twister never stop reacing for those Stars....Tatormonster just how big of Monster you got.....c'mere Renee......honest look I dont have the duck tape. Speed..any chance I can borrow the keys to your truck?. Just Bo ohhhh yeaaaaa Just Turn Me baby......
If ya wanna come chat with me just go to the link below and download and come to Bargrillers and look me up..i would love to hear from you ..Since i am the Hostess with the Mostess you can't miss me

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