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Welcome to Kimmie's Place

Hey! Thanks for visiting my page. This page is under major construction so check back ever so often. I am a 23 year old college student majoring in criminal justice. I spend most of my time at school and at work, but occasionally you will catch me causin' some trouble with my friends. I live in Mt Juliet, a little bitty hick town 20 mins from Nashville. At present time I work inside a jail, so I have all kinds of fun. I work full time and go to school part time. Those of you who know me very well, know how my schedule is so I apologize for not keeping in touch like I should. Other than working my brains out I like to write poetry, just hang out and relax with some buds, and chat with people. My friends help me keep my feet planted firmly on the ground, even when I don't want them too, but I loves them anyway. My closest friends are Jamie, Brandon, James Smith, Sue, Jeffie, James Cothran, Gina (God rest her soul), Stacy, Joshie, and well several others that don't want their names posted on the net, but that's ok. I love them anyways. If at anytime you want to get in touch with me here are the ways: aol instant mesenger id- KimmieD1979, yahoo messenger id- angel88eyes69, email addys- or I know some of you who know me have realized my life has changed dramatically. Three of the most wonderful people on this Earth were taken from my life. They all meant the world to me. I will miss them very much and hope I make them proud when they look down to check on me. Rest in peace Gina, Christy, and Trey! I will always love and remember y'all. Regina Kay Nicholson 02/22/69-10/06/02, Christy Lynn Waller 01/13/79-09/17/02. My baby brother died in January of 2003. He was the best brother anyone could ever have, and I will miss him so much. I love you Trey, I am just sorry I never got to tell you. Homer "Trey" Roberts III 04/20/82-01/26/03. Well thanks for visiting my page and keep checking back because you never know when it will be changing. Feel free to sign my guestbook. I like to hear feedback on how everything is looking. Also keep an eye out for a link to a webpage I am working on at Geocities. **Smile the angel loves you**

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