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Welcome to the ELP-DISCussion Home Page
Since January of 1999, ELP-DISC has been the best source of daily Emerson, Lake and Palmer discussion on the web: a list dedicated to the free and open exchange of thoughts and ideas about ELP, where anything ELP is the topic.

While subscribers never have to fear censorship, common sense should be used.

ELP-DISC is, for the most part, unmoderated; but the list owner does reserve the right to kill threads or topics.

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If you are already a member of Yahoo Groups, then simply click on the banner below to join ELP-DISC.

prog radio links

Progressive Rock Radio Network.

Prog rock internet radio. They even take requests!

more music links
A large band linkbase.

The Canterbury Website.

The Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock.

Your source for Progressive rock on the web.

Progression Magazine's website.

Progressive Newsletter:
Available in English and German.

Rock Out Censorship homepage. Also contains a thorough band linkbase.

Stan Ridgway:
The official site of this singer of songs that made this country great.

friends & alumni links
Jean Crane's Official Vincent Crane & Atomic Rooster site.

atomic rooster:
the official homepage.

A hard working, no compromise ELP tribute band based in the UK.

crimson's court:
personal homepage, including music links, various interests and more.

site of Fripp's own Discipline Global Mobile label.
All the Crimson and related stuff is available here. Check out Fripp's diary too.

didge digital:
Didge Digital's
Black Moon, is a new Emerson, Lake & Palmer Tribute Band.

elephant talk:
home of the internet newsletter for Robert Fripp and King Crimson enthusiasts.

elp digest:
the original. where it all began. the internet source for ELP news, discussions and more.

a great U.K. based magazine devoted to ELP. this magazine gets full support from Keith, Greg and Carl and features many exclusive interviews and much more. subscribe today!

ladies of the lake:
a fan club devoted to Greg Lake. stop in, join, email the ladies, or just take a look around.

magna carta records:
the people that brought you the ELP tribute "Encores, Legends and Paradox".

A spanish ELP fan page and list.

mellow records:
the people that brought you the triple disc ELP tribute "Fanfare For The Pirates".

my back pages:
a fine site dedicated to The Nice.

noddy's puncture:
without a doubt, the U.K.'s finest ELP tribute band. as heard on "Fanfare For The Pirates"!

par lindh project:
official homepage of the Par Lindh Project and the Crimsonic label.

rock reviews:
a site devoted to reviewing bands such as Quango, The Nice, Blue Oyster Cult, Deep Purple and many more.

seven virgins & a mule:
ELP tribute band from Toronto! Hear samples, check out their site.

the artist shop:
possibly the most reliable online progressive music vendor. if you want it, chances are they've got it.

the official Triumvirat website.

vintage vinyl:
N.J.'s best record store.
online orders, a searchable database and a large progressive section.