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Glas Dracorum


Merry Meet! We're a coven of Witches in the Georgian Tradition, who came together in the love of the Goddess and Horned God to laugh together, learn together, and love the Gods together.

We celebrate all 8 Sabbats and each Full Moon, as well as several other times of the year particular to our Tradition.

We value humor in our rituals and in our lives and feel everyone is both a Student and a Teacher. By sharing what we know, everyone benefits.

We hope to make new Craft friends and make a difference in the Craft community here in Michigan, as well as in our own lives.

Coven History - Circle of Glas Dracorum

Our coven began a little over three years ago when Puck Shadowdrake, our High Priest, decided to accept new students and form a coven. He put out notices in several places and several local stores in the Ann Arbor area, and setup a first meeting in Ann Arbor for April 15th, 1999.

Out of the seven people who showed up, five stayed. Since then, we've grown and changed. Some have come in, and others have left. Of those who have come in, several new students have been diligently studying and have enjoyed the fruits of their labors. We have also been involved with the Covenant of the Goddess, as a member coven of the M.A.G.I.C. Local Council, and the Federation of Covens and Solitaries, a very active group in the downriver area of Detroit. We continue to add our 'special brand of insanity' to the Michigan Pagan Scene!


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