rance's profile
ekn b recken

name: rance fredricksen

age: 20

birthday: 4/4/80

astrology: fuckin' aries

contribution: drums

previous bands: nostalgia, gimpy, fi (facial injustice, which this whole process started, rest in peace).

hobbies: anything that involves energy.

favorite tv show: fuck cable, except anything on nick-at-nite, and the sopranos.

favorite movie: bad boys, 13th floor, girl, the matrix, scissors, god part deaux, anything with good video effects and a decent soundtrack (props to 'spawn').

favorite people: mrs fenn (no diss on yo mama), anyone who has enjoyed their life so far.

bands: ugly kid joe, sister soliel, hed p.e., korn, incubus, and grotus.

local bands: our homies in ogp and downshift, idle apathy and my best bro mike in watermark. props to twitch, switchback, rollergirl, and of course my new family, the fisheads.

occupation: I wait tables at red lobster (remember to tip your server and your delivery driver).

equipment: ludwig 5-piece drum set, generic ride and sabian hi-hats.

biggest influnces: ugly kid joe / sister soliel

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