matt's profile

name: matt fenn

age: 17

astrology: virgo

birthday: 9/13/84

contribution: bass

previous bands: pyote, ogp

hobbies: skateboarding, hack, playing drums, playing bass, playing gutair, working on this site, eating, sleeping, going to local/national concerts, listening to and making music, drinking, smoking, being a fucking faggot.

favorite cereals: i dont usually eat cereal.

favorite tv shows: simpsons, the crittic, family guy, jackass, saturday night live and kids in the hall.

favorite movies: the matrix, cube, 13th floor, slc punk, american history x, being john malkovich, k-pax, the usual suspects, fight club, final destination and army of darkness.

favorite people: darrel pulumbato, jerry johnson, kurt cobain, conor oberst, alex katunich, jonathan davis, zack de la rocha, les claypool, wes borlan, chad muska, jon stewart, and tom green.

bands: glassjaw, brighteyes, cursive, the good life, son ambulence, poison the well, burnt by the sun, unearth, slipknot, snot, sepultura, soulfly, system of a down, deftones, downset, pantera, primus, nirvana, nine inch nails, korn, machine head, marilyn manson, hed p.e., eminem, white zombie, tool, taproot, rage against the machine, fear factory, one minute silence, yea blah.

local bands: bellicose, gauge.

occupation: fucking loser

equipment: carvin 1000 watt head, 4x10's and 1x18. ibanez ergodyne 5-string bass with daddario slow wound bass strings and dimarzio clip-lok strap. zoom bfx-708 multi-effects bass pedal.

biggest influnce: glassjaw / brighteyes

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