its finally come the clock is now ticking, only a matter of time before your begging me for mercy, you'll come crawling to me looking for some help, praying and hoping that i may have a heart, but dont be surprised when i laugh and turn my head, and your bitch ass is one left for dead, but let ask you one question just how does it feel to be left alone, your head in a million pieces


you pedifiles make me sick
i want to make you feel this
and now you know that you are it
the one who started all of this

pedifiles make me sick, taste my shit


what is this its just my middle finger ill shove it down your throught and try to rip out your ego, laughing out loud as i show you my hate, hope you die better sooner or late, so just pray to your god that ive had a nice day, and hope everything will be okay, caus im a loose cannon and my fuse has been lit, id like to bury you alive in a thirty foot pit


its time again, to smoke this bowl, while all my friends, have lost control, and your that one, that brought them down, tore out their hearts, caus you have no soul


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