dave's profile

name: dave blackman

age: 20

astrology: aries

birthday: 4/04/80

contrubution: vocals

previous bands: nostalgia and FI.

hobbies: music, video games, golden tee golf, bowling, drinking, concerts, sleeping, and making money.

favorite cereal: i'm never up early enough for breakfast.

favorite tv show: raw is war

favorite movie: the matrix

favorite people:

bands: nothingface, spineshank, slipknot, system of a down, hed p.e., sevendust, incubus, ultraspank, machine head, morbid angel, deftones, puya, nirvana, snot and fear factory.

local bands: ogp, bellicose, gauge, fornever, trippin' default, idle apathy, downshift and any other band that is down for our local scene.

occupation: valentino's, 132nd & center(order a pizza for delivery and give the driver a massive tip)

equipment: peavy 2x10/3 tweeters and 2x18 subs.4 shure microphones.

biggest influnce: ultraspank / nothingface

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