1h87 bio

1h87. need we say more? we're a Metal/hardcore band out of omaha, nebraska. with the advent of technology, and our ability to keep our customers in complaint--we, and the town of omaha, will spawn an entirely new millenium of rash and extraordinarily heavy music and stage performance.

our big influences include incubus, slipknot, nothingface, ultraspank, pantera, and, acid bath. we have interestingly productive relationships with friends, as well as former bandmates, in ogp, downshift, and idle apathy. these bands, and other great omaha bands, and soon 1h87, are potentially the rebirth of omaha's inviting metallic, get-off-your-ass music scene, and potentially something to be proud of here in the center of the us of a, and we invite you to join us...

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