aaron's profile

name: aaron langan

age: 17

astrology: scorpio

contrubution: gutair

birthday: 11/3/83

previous bands: (shitty punk bands)

hobbies: eat, sleep, blaze, drink, play gutair, and hack.

favorite cereal: weedies

favorite tv show: simpsons

favorite movie: american history x

favorite people: phil anselmo, matt holt

bands: pantera, nothing face, slayer, misfits, slipknot, coal chamber, fear factory, snot, machine head, acid bath, obiturary, nirvana, skinlab, A.F.I., sick of it all, soul fly and sepultura.

local bands: ogp, bellicose, fornever, system failure and downshift.

occupation: godfathers

equipment: peavy 150 watt head, and 4x12. ibanez 6-string gutair.

biggest influnce: pantera/nothingface

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