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[Destruction starts to air on camera as the fireworks and pyros explode and the fans are in a frenzy going wild and holding up signs hoping to get them on camera. The theme for Destruction fades out as camera fades into ringside as the ring is already been set up. The crowd dies down as Basic Thuganomics plays through the Sound System and John Cena comes through the curtain into the stage. Cena comes out to a chorous of boos from the crowd. Cena is wearing a NY Yankees baseball jersey with a NY Yankees velcro hat on. Cena has his United States title around his waist and stretches both arms out making the Word Life sign. Cena walks down the ramp making his way out to the ring walking past the booing fans who are all trying to hate on John Cena. Cena slides into the ring and gets up. Cena rubs off his shoulder and grabs a mic and begins to talk]

The Champ is here! The champ is here! Ya damn right John Cena is riling up with gold here tonight. I may not have the most titles held in this company but someone with more than I have is looking to take one of my gold. Now before I move on, I like to say that I have a slight advantage over this. Not only will I be defending my title tonight but I got 3 guys going after my United States Title. Now I think that's a little ludicris. I know there ain't any alliances but knowing one of them has been with TNS but he doesn't seem like he's gonna watch my back. After losing his title, it more looks like he's going to go after me. I think after losing the X Division Title, a guy named Silvermack is going to put a truce aside and will do whatever means necessary to do what it takes to beat me and become a champion once again. Second of all I got to face two of the biggest names in this fed. One I have fought last week and the other who I have beaten twice already and he hasn't even beaten me before. But still I don't like the chances of this. It could be John Cena against the world as we all know it. Well you all know what John Cena is like and he would never be afraid of any challenge thrown right in his face. John Cena takes it like a REAL MAN in which most of y'all are not. I always succeed in what I do best and there ain't any of you that can stop me from winning after winning after winning matches. I guarantee I will survive and I will still be the United States champion and for the remainder of this year and into 2005. That is a proven fact! Now let me go on and talk about how I'm gonna beat everyone of my opponents

Silvermack I know we're on the same side and all. But for starters I don't trust you going in this match. I mean why would you try to help me keep my title if you are one of my three opponents in our huge fatal fourway match???? Let me explain. Our group TNS does not exist anymore and we have all moved on. Jonni Valentine is our new boss for this show and he has formed a new group with Faith and Danny Boy. I have not seen you succeed and I don't think you kept your face in the game boy. You disappointed us when you lost your X Division Title and you are given another opportunity to shine. Well this is what I worked really hard for and if you really think you can get away as the new United States Champion then think real hard because you have to reconsider why I have been the champ since Day One. It's quite simple isn't it???? I have defending my title against many guys in the back and they have not beaten me. So what makes you very capable of beating me???? From last I heard, you were on the losing end of losing matches continually after winning your very first match. I think I've made my point perfectly clear and you should know you are the biggest underdog out of the rest of us of winning it all. So you best have your luck with you because you certainly will need it. Next!

Now let's see who we have next. Oh yes that's right. Scott Hall a former World Heavyweight Champion but lost it so quick. Even a mouse could carry that heavy strap longer than he could. Scott Hall you should've put your head more into the match because if you weren't too drunk and stopped sniffing on the coke then you would've had Petey Wiliams right there. Now you can use your excuse that you got screwed but that's okay because we all know you whine as much as Bret Hart does on a daily basis. I really find it pathetic that you seem desperate to want my title over the World Heavyweight Title. It seems to me that your rank has dropped dramatically. Well to me that seems all fine and dandy because once you fail to capture my United States Title then all you're gonna end up is passing out from all those Jack Daniels and all the marijuana that you smoked with Ricky Williams before he announced his retirement in July then all you'll end up is sleeping with an 80 year old bum because you'll be out of a job just like that. Scott Hall if this was a hardcore match, I would bash you with a lead pipe and smash your face because to me you just look like you just had plastic surgery on your face. I wonder how much crack you have been smoking and how many input of alcohol do you put yourself into a day. It seems to me your just a reject of Steven Segall. If you are Under Siege then you don't belong in this group anymore. You'll end up jobbing to Sean Dice when I'm done with you. Ya better watch your back because you never know with the 1% brain inside of you and must be all the alcohol and all the pot taking it into you. You better act fast because The Docta Of Thuganomics is very sneaky.

Now I have a little rap for you good old buddy Scott Hall. Now I hope your paying close attention because knowing your not sober and your never focused at all. This one is for you. This man thinks he's The Bad Guy. Well chico you ain't even in my league. If you wanna be bad, you gotta try to knock me off my feet chico. I try to tell you boy but you never seem to get your brain in gear. Unlike you I don't do dope and I don't pass out every night. I get all the chickmagnets going on and you get all the booze. What does that tell ya?? It means drugs and alcohol are bad. So if you think you got what it takes then you better go back to kindergarten because you gotta learn your facts first. Tonight is the night I have to face you and I hear you become one of the favourites to win tonight. I hear alot of things like Michael Jordan coming out of retirement again. But that didn't happen. You can't stop me because I am untouchable and you couldn't even lay a finger on me. What matters is how bad you will fall down and the ultimate humuliation is about to come down on you by yours truly. This is life and your life looks like it's falling into shambles. You got the Outsiders Edge while I got the FU. None of what you pull out is gonna stop me because hell boy YOU CAN'T SEE ME!!

Now I admit I have a tough time in our match tonight. Everyone is out after me. But hey Scott, do you actually think for just a split second you can get away with it??? I mean come on, you gotta realize that when you try to connect the Outsiders Edge on me, Silvermack or even Petey Williams that you'll not get the three count very easily. I mean all pinfall attempts are gonna be broken up. This is every man for themself. Hell I've heard about Petey wanting to join Organized Kaos. If that's the case then I don't know what's gonna happen next. He took the World Heavyweight Title away from you and you're gonna leave it just like that??? What the hell is wrong with you man??? I guess it all shows you aren't the MAN that you claimed yourself to be. Well if it's a doubleteam by you and Petey then by any means necessary go for it. But I will get the last laugh when either one of you two decide who wants the title more. I think you two are gonna duke it out like a bunch of punkass bitches that you two really are because I don't think you want Petey to take another title which you want real bad. I'll just say the hell with this crap, I'll just knock you out just like that. So Hall come tonight, it's just going to go down to who is the best man and it certainly ain't you. You just had your little accolades and your finest moments behind you and if you think your gonna rebound like Shaq does with his new rap album which really sucks just for the record, well I beg to differ. You will finally realize your just a choke because you've just been cursed. I will prove to you above all that you don't deserve to be in my ranks and once that is completed, you'll end up going to a bar and drinking your way because nobody wants to see a loser like yourself. So take it what it's worth Hall since you have no chance of winning this at all. So word to you for being a failure.

So now we're down to Petey Williams. Well here's a man who's more committed to winning than I am. Now Petey has come out three times already and he's desperate to winning another title to his collection of championship memoribelia. I am awfully impressed that he has held on to three titles already and that has never been accomplished here in the WHCWE. Now I don't know about you but you have absolutely no chance of winning this gold because this is staying where it belongs and I am the only one who can take this to new heights. You see Petey, you may be the top rising star so far in the WHCWE but when it comes to facing John Cena, you can't get the job done. When it comes to our history you have never beaten me except for the fact that you've beaten me for the Hardcore Title. But let alone you are the biggest cheater here and you've proved that at Uncensored when you couldn't beat Scott Hall by yourself. If you can't even beat him without any outside interference from say Mr. Canadian Bacon Scott Di'Amore who lives way far back at Windsor, Ontario which is very close to the bad streets of Detroit. That's pretty interesting. He lives right by America. Going back to what I said, if you can't beat Hall then you have no chance of beating me and winning the US Title. It's easy to beat Scott Hall, just make sure he's not too sober. So Petey you can give it your best shot at it but knowing you, you'd run out of gas very quickly because Canada is known for fat people like Scott and I'll have no problem at all defeating you.

So Petey how is it that you keep wanting a piece of John Cena after all I have put you through. Haven't you already realized that I'm that much better than you. I hate to say this but I told you so. I have proved how much better I am against you and I will remain being the better man. I will be the best person going into this match because all three of you people together if you joined forces like those Power Ranger Dino Zords put together to form one Mega Robot with powers in their weapon still wouldn't be a force to stop the man that is the Docta of Thuganomics. With that being said, I will have to do my job which is defeating you once again and maybe next time I don't have to deal with you. Your chance of becoming a quad champion will fall short because your rise to being a legend isn't gonna do you any good. You absolutely will be demantled and that I can ensure you. Whatever I say is what is led down to. I can realize how hard you wanna work on to claim more gold that you planned to do but you're realizing that facing John Cena is such a difficult task to do. Am I right??? Of course I'm right. I know you well enough to know how great I am and I know you already realize that.

Petey Williams you may be the World Heavyweight Champion but I can beat anybody I want. I have beaten them all and don't forget that I've beaten you before numerous times. I can do it again and I'll just do that. As I've said before, I don't think you can beat me. You'll have anybody to form an alliance with you so you can cheat your way out. I know Scott Di'Amore is gonna be there out to assist you but watching your title match I saw what he's capable of doing. Well he is gonna be limping in crutches way before the match takes place. He isn't gonna do anything about it now. I would think you're pretty much screwed out of the picture now. You'll probably have Scott Hall help you out and take me out. But knowing your strategy, I will get away with it. I have been the US Champion since day one and I'll continue to be one as I will redeem myself the greatest United States Champion of all time and there's nobody else that's gonna take it away from me. You absolutely have no idea of what's going to go down and how this will all end. I will defy all odds against me and I will prove you wrong if you ever think you're going to win this. Not when I'm here. This is where it all goes down to. Every man for themself. You will have other contenders to deal with as well as I will be. Everyone will have a chance to prove themself but only one man will be victorious. I think you're looking at him and he's the man that has the gold around him. After my very successful title defence it's all gonna be over and all you can do is cry in shame because your all pathetic for failing to take what you wanted to get but you didn't get it. Oh well that's just too bad isn't it??? Yeah my points were exactly right and pivoted. I'll see you all tonight and you will all go down like your all little bitches. WORD LIFE!!

[Cena drops the mic and Basic Thuganomics blares through the Sound System. Cena walks out of the ring and heads to the back preparing for his match]