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Sudbury Wedding Service

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Wedding Prayers

Your Wedding Your Way
Specializing in custom personal and civil wedding ceremonies.

You can have your custom marriage ceremony at any location you choose. Ceremonies are performed at church's, homes, cottages, gardens, public facilitiesBride15.gif (24738 bytes), halls, museum, park, restaurant, hotels or even at family gatherings.

We are available at a  moments notice, or for planned events. Why do we provide this unique service? Because we want to bridge the gap f
or couples who wish to be married by a minister, yet who may be new to the area, or who don't have their own church, and also to provide a completely civil or non-denominational service for those couples who want a simpler approach to starting their lives together.

We can send you a sample of vows and ceremonies as well as music selections, to help you personalize your ceremony. Each ceremony can reflect the style, personal beliefs and values. Vows can be chosen from our extensive list or you can create your own individual vows, reflecting your feelings and beliefs.

If you require a Minister in another location in Ontario, I would be more than happy to refer you to a qualified Minister to officiate your ceremony. Ministers are available in most areas but we do recommend one to two months notice.
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