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The Vibe

104.7 Gippsland FM

Born online October 24 2000



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Special Thanks

I would like to thank all the listeners, and importantly, everyone who has supported me throughout the past 3 years since being on air.  I can never express how grateful I am towards all the love and support I get from every one of you, you know who you are!


Special thanks to Shane Elson who did a good job training me those years back (1999), and Ian Boyd for technical support and mishaps!  Also to my aunt Gina from the Filipino program (Tuesdays @ 7.30) who introduced me to Gippsland FM and who was there for me from the very beginning.


Also, thanks to Kasper (Country Classics Sundays @ 12pm), who always has to put up with my lateness or absence!  And thank you for creating wonderful on-air introductions of me, or by promoting my show at the end of yours!


My Helpers

To those who have helped me on the show by being at the studio, who have been special guests:

§          Katrina – For contributing to the show for weeks, helping me out with song selections and bringing out the idea to promote Melbourne nightclubs in exchange for listener prizes etc.  Also, for helping me with the Driving Force (Weeknights @ 4pm) and lack of Top 40 CDs in those very young days I started on-air!

§          DJ Stif – Welcome! Hope you are enjoying the first month of being on-air with me, and may we have much more on-air fun to come! Have fun with the training next year!

§          Lucy – For getting on-air with me on The Vibe as well as the Driving Force those years back! And even making me a poster/flyer to promote my show, which I haven’t seen yet!  Good work girl, for putting in your time and effort into being creative for me!  You’re endlessly creative... thanks so much :)

§          Tanya, Michelle, Jon, Ben, Celica, Fiona, Joelle, Laura, Nella... you guys helped me out one way or another by coming to the studio with me, or making surprise visits!  If I have forgotten anyone else who has done the show with me, please let me know!


The Listeners

Thank you for tuning in every week, and calling in to make requests!

§          A big thanks to my Baby who always calls in to say hello and makes requests! Loving your support, and especially, loving you for being you! Weird how we hooked up, with you finding my number on a flyer I put up at Uni to promote the show! Suppose things are meant to be... :)

§          Katrina – Even when you’re not at the station, you call in and impress me with your song selections and requests!

§          Michelle & Goldie – Thanks for your endless requests!

§          Lucy – For taping my shows and playing it in your car, as much as I hate listening to myself! Thanks for your calls, too!

§          Frankie & Tricky – You’re the quiet listeners, I always know you’re listening every week even though you only make requests once in a while!  But thanks a bunch for your support also!

§          My family – Can never get enough of Mum, Dad, Arvin or Lulu calling in to make a request every now and again. Also, generally, thanks to my dad or mum who had to drive me every Sunday afternoon to the radio station those years ago when I didn’t have my drivers licence yet!


Last Words

Once again, I thank all of you for supporting me throughout the past 3 or more years being on-air.  I hope you all have enjoyed the journey as much as I have so far, and may there be many more funky R&B sessions of The Vibe to come!


Much Love,

Miss Vibe







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