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valley center wireless socks

valley center wireless is a internet provier for valley center, they said that it is locally owned, but it is actually a motorola canopy company. you could check it out or it you want to be internet provider you could be one just contact motorala canopy or more information you would need about 5000 to start the busines. you should thry.

vallecenter wireless is a good internet provider,but the only think that socks is the montly price and that somethimes it looses the conection. so it you thing on getting it think again you could get a better service for less price. they charge

Bronze 256/128kbps $44.95 monthly
Silver 384/256kbps $59.95 monthly
Gold 512/384kbps $74.95 monthly


Business Solutions

Business Standard 384/256kbps $139.99 monthly
Business Plus 512/384kbps $199.99 monthly

in some plases the provider are charging $20-30 for bronce and $30-40 for silver and $ 40-60 for gold. if you have valleycenter wierelss fight for a lower price because you are paying to much, or another option is that you could is to check if you could get DSL GO TO and check you area, because if you could get dsl you sould get it for what are you paying for bronce you would get about 384 kbs which you would be paying about $ 30 instead of $44 whit valle center wireless. think about it. another thing that you could do if you can get DSL got to ebay and buy the suscriber module for abut $200 which the company would try to sell it for $500. try and you would save money.


check this internet providers. www,,