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Above: Me in lusk cave, wearing the old construction helmet I used untill I got a Petzl Ecrin-roc helmet.

Lusk cave is easliy visited by aneyone who cares to as it is on a well marked trail in Gatineau Park. However despite the ammount of trafic this cave gets it is surprisingly free of vandalisim. It should however be noted that while this cave is verry safe, is marked and on a public trail a certian degree of caution is required in exploring it. One should have 3 lights (preferably bright flashlights) and be prepared to get wet. One should also avoid this cave during the spring melt as the elivated water levels create dangerous conditions in the cave.

The cave is located in an area of crystaline limestone and is in two sections separated by a large sinkhole which also provides the main acess to the cave. Both sections and the sinkhoe come to an overall length of somewhere around 700'however that is only measureing the main tunnel. The upper section contains several roof windows and a pool of ponded water at its entrance and near the sink. The lower section contains some nice (though small) Fossil pasages as well as a pool of ponded water at the lower end.

The fossil pasages are all crawlway with the exception of a couple of small chambers. The Above maps show some of the crawlways however I have done verry little work at maping these as they form a real maze of interconecting tunels and breakdonw. Most of the tunnels seem to lead into the same area where they maze around in blocky breakdown. This area I belive is another main (though fossil) passage which has largely colapsed.