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BlackGirl is an R&B vocal trio consisting of Pam Copeland, Nycolia "Tye-V" Turman and Rochelle Stuart, that formed in 1992 on the Kaper/RCA/BMG label like other acts EryK, and Questionmark Asylum. Their album features Teddy Riley among the producers. The group released "Krazy" the first single from their Gold selling debut "Treat U Right", "Krazy" hit #38 on the Billboard Hot 100, their 2nd single "90's Girl" followed becoming even bigger, hitting #13 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and hit #23 on the UK Top 75. "90's Girl" became one of the biggest selling R&B singles of 1994, and also help get the ladies of BlackGirl
  two Soul Train Lady Of Soul Award nominations and a Billboard nominations for Top R&B New Artist and Top R&B Singles Artist (Group), BlackGirl's third single "Where Did We Go Wrong" hit #38 and spent 20 weeks on the Billboard R&B singles chart, BlackGirl closed the album with "Let's Do It Again" which went US #25 and UK top 40. Blackgirl did create a niche for themselves back in the early '90s when they released "Treat U Right", which was a Billboard Music Award nominated album that got them time on video and radio shows but didn't propel them into the star-studded galaxy. Much like other girl groups (En Vogue) with assets (excellent voices) that so many bands lack (talent), their chest-busting vocals should be heard by more than their relatives and music reviewers. In 1996 before their sophomore album was released BlackGirl broke up. Rochelle Stuart is a major Janet Jackson, and Whitney Houston fan. Nycolia Turnman also worked on Johnny Gill's album "Provacative" but she has also worked with the King & Queen Of Pop (Michael & Janet Jackson) music's brother Jermeine Jackson, and also Babyface while Pam Copeland has sung background on Toni Braxton's 1992 Debut Album which got her a 1993 Grammy Nomination, and R&B Superstar Johnny Gill's album "Provacative". There are moments when the hip-hop rhythms kick in, but basically Blackgirl is an attempt to construct an African-American female trio in a '60s/'70s smooth soul style. Not surprisingly in the retro-phobic R&B market, that failed to gain them an audience for Treat U Right, despite their protestations that they were "'90s girls"; they aren't distinctive enough to make that matter much. Female trio aims to feed off the massive success of label mates SWV with this chunky and infectious new jill swinger. Although there is not a bit of new ground broken here, track is engaging and chock full of pleasant harmonizing. Rap interlude by Smooth lends street credibility. The main problem with today's flooded R&B market is that, for the most part good singers are plagued by mediocre songs. Enter Blackgirl a female trio from New York. Even though they have great voices, many of the songs lack focus. However, some songs on the second side have redeeming qualities. "Things We Used To Do" is a laid back and mellow type of song that is reminiscent of Xscape's "Just Kickin' It." "90's Girl," the first single is an upbeat song that sticks out due to its top - notch production. Possibly the best song on the album is "Let's Do It Again," a remake of the Staple Sisters' 1970's hit. It has a relaxed back beat with an "old school" type of feel to it and best showcases the trio's talents. "Stuart, Pamela Copeland, and Nycolia "Tye V" Turman) are new kids on the R&B block. But they go straight to the "old school" with their Let's Do It Again". Published by Warner/Chappell Music (BMI) With their debut album just hitting the streets, Blackgirl (aka Rochelle version of "Let's Do It Again." Written by Curtis Mayfield, the Staple Singers' version of the song went to No. 1 on Billboard's Hot 100 back in 1975.Solid fans of both Curtis Mayfield and the Staple Singers, the members of Blackgirl found a way to pay tribute to both on their debut album, "Treat U Right," with a '90s hip-hop-flavored version of "Let's Do It Again." "We were talking with our producer, Derek Allen, about doing a remake, and Tye-V suggested Let's Do It Again' because it brought back memories for her of when she was a little girl," says Rochelle Stuart. Kaper/RCA vocal group Blackgirl sang special lyrics to their second single, ''90s Girl,'' on a TV spot for Chrysler. The ladies, who also appeared in the ad, wrapped up a six-date touring stint opening for R. Kelly. "Her father used to have her stand on the piano in the juke joints and sing it. I do recall the song, but I was just a little kid, so I don't remember it all that well from back then. But we love it when we hear those old songs. It's nice to do some of the older stuff and give it a new flavor but still let it keep some of the sound of the old song. We tried to do Let's Do It Again' our own way, but we wanted to keep that old, churchy sound, like Mavis and the whole Staple family, that down-home sound, you know? I don't know all of Curtis Mayfield's stuff, but from what I do know, he is a great writer. I'm glad he's finally really being recognized. Everywhere we go, and no matter what we sing, everybody always loves Let's Do It Again.' They're liking our other songs, but that is always the show-stopper. Rich, gospel-like harmonies capture the ear on a set filled with creamy melodies and laid-back, funky beats Trio takes the high road with positive lyrics that articulate pro-female theory as well as warm, romantic notions. Blackgirl combines the soulful harmonies of days gone by with '90s production, resulting in closely woven vocals and temporally hybrid musical arrangements.  
  Treat U Right (1994)

1. Krazy
2. Treat U Right
3. Can U Feel It
4. Where Did We Go Wrong
5. Chains
6. Ooh Yeah [Smooth]
7. 90's Girl
8. Nubian Prince
9. Things We Used To Do
10. Can't Live Without You
11. Let's Do It Again
12. Home
13. 90's Girl [Encore Remix]
  Treat U Right