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Shiny Entertainment's Sacrifice PC GAME *USED*


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The Holy War is Over.

The Demons of Gologotha have been banished, yet the cost has been terribly high. The Creator, God of the Fyllid, has been defeated and the faith of the people has begun to wane. Petty squabbles among the five remaining Gods has caused the land to split into five mystical territories - each at war with one another. Into this divided land steps a wizard, a man haunted by his past, whose choices will shape the future. Which God will he choose? Will he sacrifice himself to change this world for the better, or will what remains of the world be sacrificed for one God's glory?

The people had untold power, and as is always the case this power corrupted. It was through this corruption that "The Fallen One" created great devastation by summoning forth demons that set about to slaughter and ravage the world. The forces unleashed caused the earths surface to shatter and in the end, lead to the banishment of the creator.

The world began to change with Elysium growing lush and green, Empyria cold and bare, Helios became hot with lava and magma, and Glebe became even more rocky and barren. The lands of Dys became rife with pestilence and began to rot and decay. Into this came five new gods, Persephone, Charnel, James, Stratos and Pyro each with their own unique strengths and of course, allegiances. It is here that you enter the game as a wizard from another world who is set to right all the wrongs in this world

One to Four players will be able to control powerful wizards, armies of creatures, and utilize a myriad of spells and incantations to wreak havoc across a revolutionary 3D landscape. With vast worlds of clearly viewed terrain, multiple landscape designs, unlimited camera angles, and over 50 different kinds of fantastic creatures at your command, Sacrifice will be the new benchmark against which all other RTS games are measured.

In Sacrifice, players control a wizard and battle up to 4 other wizards in various landscapes ruled by Five Gods. These landscapes are vast, floating islands, whose composition and architecture are defined by the Gods themselves. The wizards can cast spells to summon creatures to fight for them or simply opt to destroy their opponents and their creatures using attack magic in the form of over 50 different spells. It is even possible to cast spells that harness the elements to alter the landscape or the weather system, plunging your opponents into a newly created canyon, or blasting them with a bolt of highly charged lightning. The only rule is that if your Altar (i.e. home base) is destroyed, then your game is over.

One of the most anticipated features of Sacrifice is its use of the creatures within the game. Several different categories of creatures will be used, and they will range from Demons, and other evil rascals, hulking brutes and giant Dragons that can launch themselves into the air. Many of the creatures have the ability to use magic, and can be formed into large groups and sent to attack. Imagine viewing the carnage from the eye of a high flying dragon as you see 10 Goblins chasing down a group of enemies miles away, as you dive down at top speed and blast them with a breath of fire. Sacrifice will feature this type of intense battle on a constant basis, in both single and multiplayer modes.

Unlike other real time strategy games Sacrifice does not emphasize complicated resource management and technology trees. Although resource management does exist in Sacrifice it is streamlined to be simple and consume very little of the time spent playing the game. Sacrifice places the emphasis squarely on combat and it is through combat that players gain additional resources and gain access to new creatures and spells. Your enemies' untimely demise allows you to steal their souls allowing you to bring your minions to life.

Complementing this emphasis on combat is the technology behind Sacrifice. Sacrifice allows players to experience a real sense of scale as it places them down on the battlefield to witness the destruction of massive towers and the birth of titanic creatures. All of these factors combine to provide the player with a real sense of immersion allowing them to concentrate on combat, providing a faster and more rewarding game experience."


Minimum System requirements:

  • Processor IBM Or 100% Compatible Pentium II 450, AMD Athlon 450, AMD Duron 650
  • Operating System Windows 95/98/00 & DirectX7.0a
  • RAM 128MB
  • CD Drive 8X+
  • Hard Disk Install Size 650MB
  • Video Card 16MB D3D DirectX Certified Video Card
  • Sound Card DirectX Certified Sound Card
  • Multiplayer Multiplayer Requires Internet Or LAN Connection

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