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Submitted by mikerush76



Usage : rcon cvarlist [letter]
Will return all know variables, or cvars. Optionally, if you put a single letter it will only return cvars starting with that letter.

Submitted by DogMeat


rcon dir
will return a directory listing of your dedicated servers MOH\main directory (folder)

rcon dumpuser [client name]
Will return info on a user :


dm_playermodel       : allied_airborne  - Name of the skin the client is currently using
dm_playergermanmodel : german_elite_sentry - Name of the model the client is currently using
name                 :
JohnDoe - Name of the client
rate                 : 20000 - Clients rate
snaps                : 20 - ??
password             : bungee - If the client is connecting via a password, this is the password he is using



rcon exec server.cfg
This will execute your server.cfg file. causing any changes made to this file to take effect. If you have multiple cfg file. Say one for TDM and one for OBJ. maps. You can use this to execute the *.cfg file of your choice. changing game types, maplist or other properties of a cfg file.


Usage: rcon freeze [seconds]
Freezes all players on the server for what ever amount of time you put.

( Good
for getting the undivided attention of clan mates/ Clients)

Submitted by mikerush76

rcon kick [client name or "all"]
kicks a client by his in game nick. If a the client has a space in his name. Surround his name in quotes. If you wish to kick all clients at once. then use all.

rcon map [complete map name. ie: dm/mohdm4 or obj/obj_team4]
Use this to change maps.

rcon meminfo
This will return information, on how much memory your dedicated server is using. May be helpful when renting a server from another party.

rcon quit
This will shutdown your dedicated game server. Kicking all clients and dropping your rcon connection. Some providers run scripts that monitor your MOH.exe. When this script notices your moh.exe not running. They will restart the moh.exe for you. This is good when you upload a new map and need to restart your server. For the new maps load. Check with your provider to see if they have any type of script running on the server before executing this command!

rconaddress [server ip address]
This is how you initiate a connection to the rcon server your trying to control .Please note there is no spaces between rcon and address

rconpassword [password]
This is your rcon password you setup within your server.cfg file. If you ever post or send someone your cfg file. make sure you do not include this entry. Please note that there is no spaces between rcon and password


rcon restart
will restart the current map

Usage: rcon say [
your message]
this command is used to broadcast messages to all clients in real time.

rcon serverinfo
Will return the following dedicated server information:


cheats               : 0  -is cheats enabled on server 0=no 1=yes
sv_allowDownload     : 0  -does the server allow people to download current maps 0=no 1=yes  ( does not work )
sv_maplist           : dm/mohdm1 dm/mohdm2 dm/mohdm3 dm/mohdm4 dm/mohdm6 dm/mohdm7  -current map list running on server
sv_hostname          : =CKR= members v1.11 custom maps TDM =CKR=  -host name
sv_privateClients    : 4 -number of private slots.  must connect with the correct password
sv_maxclients        : 16 - max number of clients allowed to connect
sv_maxRate           : 8000 - Max data transmit rate by clients connected to the server
sv_maxPing           : 600 - maximum ping allowed when client connects.  If client connects with a ping over this value. They will not be allowed to join the server
g_gametype           : 2 - game type 1= FFA 2= TeamMatch 3= RoundBased 4= Objective
deathmatch           : 1 -??
version              : Medal of Honor Allied Assault 1.11 win-x86
Mar  5 2002 - version of MOH running
skill                : 0 -??
dmflags              : 0 -??
fraglimit            : 0 - How many kills a team needs to win the battle
timelimit            : 15 - How long the map will run.  By setting both fraglimit and timelimit at the same time. The game will end whenever one of these conditions are met first.
protocol             : 8 -??
mapname              : dm/mohdm2 - current map playing on server
sv_minPing           : 0 - Min ping allowed to play on server
sv_floodProtect      : 1 -??
g_gametypestring     : Team-Match - ??
sv_fps               : 20 -
Admin                : Rudedog - Server's admin set via cfg file
URL                  : members -URL set via cfg file
Connection           : Full T1 -Just for information to users. Set via cfg file
g_allowjointime      : 5 -
roundlimit           : 0 - number of rounds when playing Obj based game play
nomonsters           : 0 -??
sv_friction          : 4 -??
sv_stopspeed         : 100 -??
sv_waterfriction     : 1 -??
sv_waterspeed        : 400 -??
sv_cinematic         : 0 -??
g_forceready         : 1 -??
g_forcerespawn       : 0 -??
g_maxintermission    : 15 -??
g_obj_alliedtext1    : Destroyed Village -motd for current map
g_obj_axistext2      :   [TFO]DogMeat Map Fix -motd for current map 
g_obj_axistext3      : 1.2  -motd for current map
g_scoreboardpic      : mohdm2 -??


usage: rcon status
Will return information on all connected clients including: current map name, client number, client's score, client's ping, client's name, client's IP address, client's qport and client's rate.


usage: rcon systeminfo
Will return system info g_syncronousclients, sv_serverid, and timescale.


Usage : rcon set [variable] [value]
Sets the value of a variable.

Submitted by Crow King


Usage : rcon seta [variable] [value]
Sets the value of a variable and the archive flag so that the value will be saved to the user's default.cfg file to be loaded each time the game is loaded.

Submitted by Crow King

Usage : rcon sets [variable] [value]
Sets the value of a variable and the server flag so that the variable is transmitted to clients upon connect. Is implemented in MoHAA but does not seem to function properly.

Submitted by Crow King

Usage : rcon setu [variable] [value]
Sets the variable with the userinfo flag, so it will be transmitted from a client to a server while connecting.

Caveat : Not tested, however I suspect that like sets , it is not functioning properly.
Submitted by DogMeat



seta sv_hostname
Usage: rcon seta sv_hostname [server name]
You can change your servers name ( ASE / GameSpy ) at any time. Just remember that it may take several seconds for gamespy or ASE to update. Good when you have just set the server private.

sets Admin
Usage: rcon sets admin [admin's name]
This will also update your ASE info on the fly. It may take a couple of seconds to update on the master server

seta g_motd
Usage: rcon seta g_motd [message of the day]
will also update your ASE/GS info on the fly. It may take a couple of seconds to update on the master server. Does not broadcast any messages to clients connecting to your server “MOTD”=message of the day

sets URL
Usage: rcon sets URL [Server URL]
This will also update your ASE info on the fly. It may take a couple of seconds to update on the master server. Does not broadcast any messages to clients connecting to your server. This link should provide information to your clients. Map list, Map downloads, Server rules.

sets Connection
Usage: rcon sets Connection [Server's connection speed]
This will also update your ASE info on the fly. It may take a couple of seconds to update on the master server. Does not broadcast any messages to clients connecting to your server. This is only to inform your clients what type of connection your server uses. This can be anything.

seta timelimit
Usage: rcon seta timelimit [Number of minutes]
Whole number, representing how long each map will be played.

seta fraglimit
Usage: rcon seta fraglimit [Number of frags]
Whole number, representing how many kills a team needs to win a map

set g_gametype
Usage: rcon set g_gametype [Number from 1 to 4]
Changes the game type 1= FFA 2= TeamMatch 3= RoundBased 4= Objective

set g_teamdamage
Usage: rcon set g_teamdamage [0 or 1]
Changes FF ( friendly fire ) 0=off 1=on

set g_inactiveSpectate
Usage: rcon set g_inactiveSpectate [Number of seconds]
Whole number, representing how long, in seconds, before an inactive player is moved into Spectate

set g_inactiveKick
usage: rcon set g_inactiveKick [Number of seconds]
whole number, representing how long, in seconds, before an inactive spectator will be kicked.


set rconpassword
usage: rcon set rconpassword [Password]
Is used to change your password from rcon. You will need to reconnect after running this command.

set sv_maxclients
Usage: rcon set sv_maxclients [Number of clients]
Whole number, representing the total number of clients that can connect at the same time

set sv_privateClients
Usage: rcon set sv_privateClients [Number of clients]
Whole number, representing the number of clients that must use a password to connect

set sv_privatepassword
Usage: set sv_privatepassword [Password]
This is how you can set a private password. So only clients that provide the correct password and connect. To remove a password from the server use "" without spaces.

seta sv_minping
usage: rcon seta sv_minping [Ping in ms]
whole number, representing the minimum ping allowed by the server, for a client to connect.

seta sv_maxping
Usage: rcon seta sv_maxping [Ping in ms]
whole number, representing the maximum ping allowed by the server, for a client to connect.

seta sv_gamespy
Usage: rcon seta sv_gamespy [1 or 0]
This will broadcast your server information to the master server used by Game spy and ASE 0=no 1=yes

seta sv_maxRate
Usage: rcon seta sv_maxRate [Number]
whole number, representing how much bandwidth each client can receive. This depends on your server's connection


Set sv_gravity
Usage: rcon set sv_gravity [Number; Defualt = 800]
This will change the gravity of all clients on the server

set g_allowVote
Usage: rcon set g_allowvote [0 or 1]
This command will allow your clients to call votes 0=no 1=yes

Usage: rcon sv_maxvelocity [Number; Default = 6000]
This will increas the velocity of the clients moving on the maps


set net_port
usage: rcon set net_port [port number]
This is used to set the game servers port number

set net_noipx

usage: rcon net_noipx [0 or 1 ]
When playing on a private network with ipx you can enable MOH to use the IPX protocol 0=no 1=yes


usage: rcon sv_walkspeed [0-inf]
Sets the walk speed Default is 150.  

Submitted by -=|MwD|=-DaiShan

usage: rcon sv_runspeed [0-inf]
Sets the run speed Default is 250

Submitted by -=|MwD|=-DaiShan

usage: rcon sv_crouchmult [0-inf]
Sets the crouch speed Multiplyer Default is 0.6. Set this to 0 and you cant move while crouching. Set it to 1 and you move just as fast as standing.

Submitted by -=|MwD|=-DaiShan





rcon path
will return all current game paths for pk3 files on server


rcon set roundlimit [Number; Default = 0]
This will change the time limit for each round on a round based game.

Submitted by yochoylamuete


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