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The Man Behind 1010 Productions

The man behind this is Tim Greifer, a 23 year old songwriter and producer looking to make his mark on the R&B industry.

1010 Productions started out as an idea that was put together by a couple people to focus and expand on their own ideas as artists, songwriters and producers. "It seemed as if we had some people trying to do stuff on their own and we wanted to bring that together for a more solid focus on getting things done and travelling down the right path." 1010 is a place for the artists' themselves who intend to bring individuality with their work. It is a place that allows our artists to be themselves and work for themself. The artists here will be able to bring their musical creativity and sound and writing diversity that will make 1010.

"Musically, 1010 has a goal of taking soulful grooves and mixed tempo tracks and jazzing them or taking some hip hop aspects and 'meshing' them together to make unique sounds and beats to dance to, chill to, or get it on to. Thats what it's all about."

"I enjoy sitting in the studio, putting on the headphones, putting together ideas that I have musically and then stopping for a second realizing that I'm makin my own head bob from the beat. That's when I know I'm onto something. I like that there."

Where Can We Take You Now?

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