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As you say "hello" for the very first time

A wonderful thought rushes into my  mind

A warm and friendly feeling of delight

A new friendship happening on this night

It really does seem so very right

Truly accepting each other  with such "insight"

With a sense of vulnerability and "being at ease"

We fulfill each others "caring" and "wanting" needs

All in the name of "friendship", we sit and reply

Responding so sensitively with " Oh my"

Perhaps at first, holding on too tight

They  try to be that "friend" with all their might

So we chat and smile to be polite

When deep down inside they want to take flight

"This is not for me,"  they sense inside

So on the buddies list,  they put me on "hide"

Never explaining the reasons "why"

No matter how much I seem to "try"

From day to day, they never appear

And when they do show up, they sputter,  they  "care"

Not being born "yesterday", you say to yourself

This "friend" of mine is putting me on the shelf

With the lies and half truths that one has spoken

You soon realize that they were just "jokin'

A true friend, indeed would not behave this way

They would want to be "in touch" each and every day

It's true, that in some circumstance they may not be always able

But for the love of Mike, are they that "unstable"

You can go on forever with the "things" that become wrong

Your heart is no longer happy or in tune with a song

You question yourself and wonder why

All it took was a friendly "hello" why not a pleasant "goodbye"

The excuses you hear become pain in your heart

Realizing your "friend" isn't so smart

You too now know it's time to end

For, that "special" someone really isn't your friend

So..... as in time, it all comes to pass

Only for you to realize, that "friend" is really an ASS !!

@Copyright 2000 Original by Steve Tempest

Vocal: Jodee Messina...lesson in love

...and now a word from the author...
a sad commentary to make

This page was created for those of us who have been considered “ fooled”, by those who think that we are not smart enough, to pick up on how "they" attempt to take advantage of “us”, when “we” are eager to establish open and honest relationships, as we treat these encounters as we would in real life. At the onset, I do believe that those individuals have “good intentions”. However, for reasons usually unknown to “us”, when the relationship is not going well or if it just doesn’t “click” for them, they can’t seem to say with an open heart, honestly and sincerely, ”I am sorry, but this isn’t working for me”, and make a clean and amicable “break”. Instead, they seem to hold on, teasing or attempting to deceive “us” under the guise of “friendship”. These attempts are committed not to “knowingly hurt us, at least we hope not. These actions usually become misinterpreted as “game playing” because the truth is not being told, and causes more of what one is not looking for, which are “negative” emotions. It all eventually comes down to “real hurt” and “pain” that neither party bargained for. I have no doubt, that I am not alone in this thought, and believe that there are as many “victims” as there are “players”. We can be either, and the choice is up to us. With the ability to change screen names like the weather, so too, do “those types of people “play”, hurting those that just want to be a true friend with no “strings attached” Eventually “those” types of individuals are “exposed”, but they still attempt to refute the logic that is so blatantly in front of us. And that “hurts us more. Insulting our intelligence or stringing us along, is surely not a way to make “friends”. It is true, there are many “kinds” of friends with each of their own levels of comfort, and “actions do speak louder than words”, particularly on a medium where words are all most of us have to rely on as the truth. With so many of “us “ out there, and with the online population continuously growing, it behooves us all that we should want to treat others, as well as there is a need to treat “others”, as you would expect to be treated in return.

 So, perhaps in a small way I can help, and you too can help others from becoming a “victim”. If there has been “someone” that you have known or currently know, that fits this type of behavior, please E-mail me the Screen Name with a short message signed by you and it will be posted here for others to be aware . I am sure, I too will have a few names to list as well. Remember, A “true friend” is worth their weight in gold.

 Do take care of yourself !

 Thank you for listening. <3 


"" It's not the screen name that makes a person ..It's the person that makes the screen name !!"

Date of Creation: 6/05/2000
Screen Name:  Jbre6572
Contributor: 6/05/00  Stempest01
Gosh, I tried and I know what kind of person I am as a friend. Too bad you can't be half of that. Someday, I hope the table gets turned and you "want someone" to be your friend and you get the very same treatment you dish out !!!!
Screen Name:  Mikey
Contributor: 6/06/00  Novie102
Mikey: Take a look at yourself...i`m sure you`ll find a good person in there someday. Just dig very deep. Good Luck! 
Screen Name:  Yagamashi
Contributor: 6/06/00  Gemma1930
Yagamashi, I wish nothing but the best for you, dispite the way you treated me. Hopefully one day you will learn that you are indeed your brothers keeper.
Screen Name:  fitgers_87313 and en_igmatic
Contributor: 6/06/00  SASSY MAGGIE
Screen Name:  shlomi1 
Contributor: 6/06/00  Novie102
shlomi1 : Hope you can take a long hard look at this .You are slowly
losing the best friend you`ll ever have. Thanks for the past year. It was
great. Love and hugs, Karen
Screen Name:  ORION
Contributor: 6/23/00  Tigger
The lesson in trust you taught me is a very painful one but also very valuable one.
Insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over and expecting different results. I hope your insanity stops .... for the sake of other women who would fall prey to you.......Carma comes
Peoples hearts and lives are something you shouldn't play with.......
The lies you told~ hurt
Get honest
its starts within you~~~~ 
Screen Name:  Pacestick
Contributor: 8/22/00  SouthK1
I don't know why you asked me to delete your name after 12 months of being what I thought was friends...obviously you were wanting more than that...not sure...maybe one day you will be adult enough to tell me why we can't be friends any are gone from my list but not my mind...


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