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Let’s Make Love

Do you know, what in you I see?

The feelings you release deep within me.

Of thoughts I never thought I knew

Unforgiving, so caring, so loving, and true.

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Of temptations that has yet to unfold

With feelings of unseen wishes yet to be told.

The caress of your hands against my flesh,

Trigger multiple sensations that blend and mesh.

The pounding of your heart strings play a symphony.

A symphonic rhythm of a cascading love melody.

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Stimulating our senses, one by one,

Only resting when night sees the sun.

Silently pursuing our mutual desire,

Fanning the flame higher and higher.

Raised to heights unknown by many,

Sharing our needs until there isn’t any.

Embracing each other as if it’s our first,

Eagerly pursuing our sexual thirst.

Pull me deeper and hold on tight,

Your whispers arouse me, till mornings first light.

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Echoing quietly in my ear,

Letting me know I am so dear.

Never let go of that passion we share,

Forever, show that you care.

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From dusk to dawn I can finally see,

Lovers forever throughout eternity.

Let’s make love all night long,

Until all our strength is tired and gone.

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Look into my eyes and feel my soul.

No longer searching, I found my goal.

Let it be said, "I am so in love with you"

There is nothing else remaining, to say or do.

"....Let’s Make Love...."

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humbirdleft.gif (2528 bytes)@ 2000  original by tempest.gif (19931 bytes)

  vocals by :
Faith Hill and Tim McGraw - "Let's Make Love"

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A melody of loving dreams

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With  every beat of its wings

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