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Unknown by the two of us

As we pass along our emotions

Never knowing when it's time

To show our love and devotions

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With so much to say

That is shown in many a way

As only you can express your need

Do tell, for I will listen and take heed

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I know you understand

The caring that we share at hand

It's not of an unusual amount

Something that we both can surmount

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"Time is all we need", you say

"To nurture this love, my way"

Time goes by so fast

I want each moment to last

So with your help, if you let it grow

I will hold you forever and never let you go

Never looking to the past

The future is where it will last

Taking the best from both of us

Willing, invitingly holding on

Protecting, never wanting our love to be gone

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There is so much of me I want to give

For us, if only we will live

The life we try to share

It's all around us because we both care

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So hold me in your heart

Within our closeness, we'll never part

Embrace me with all your might

Loves long lasting all thru the night

The best of us is yet to be

For the world will never see

"Another YOU and ME "

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2000 Steve Tempest is the author of original poetry and thoughts on this page You will see the name "Tempest " or "Tempest Creations" displayed beneath each original piece.

NOTE: These original writings are copyrighted and they may NOT be reproduced, distributed or displayed in any way or form without the author's expressed and written consent.You may not circulate them or place them for the viewing public in any way.If you wish to share this poem with any other person(s), then please either share this web page address (URL)or place a link to this web page (let me know so I may visit you)or get expressed and written permission from the author.

Thank you.......Steve

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"For Those That Love..."

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"Within Shining Stars ...Dreams are sprinkled"

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