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Singletrack Cycle
This is the bike shop I work in!

Extreme Biking Pics In Here!

Mountain Biking:  As you can see by my Web page so far I love that extreme sport called Mountain biking.  In Crowsnest Pass, where I live, there is an endless amount of Trails, mostly created by the bikers of the small group of towns.  One Problem with it all is we are always fighting with the snowmobilers and ATV riders because they want to find and take over our trails.  Other than the conflict between us, everything is great!!

This is the kick ass Santa Cruz Heckler, not a true resemblance of the Cruz I have but same frame color, I have 98' Manitou X-Vert front suspension 3" of travel (the fork to the left of the bike), and I just got rid of the crappy Rock Shox Coupe deluxe rear shock and replaced it with a Cane Creek AD10. It's awesome the tunability of the thing is fantastic and it only weighs in at 198 grams.  I have XT components with an XTR Rear derailer and a rollamajig on rear derailer, Brake levers are Avid pro -top of the line.  I just got a Race Face LP Crankset for it and replaced the chain and cassette. The rear pivot on the swing arm is sealed so guaranteed no squeaks.  There is only one problem with the bike and that is it doesn't have a replaceable derailer hanger.  I think that the people at Santa Cruz would help you out if it was bent or broken off, I also wish you luck in breaking one. Someone told me though that the rear swingarm costs something around 250 bucks.   Be sure to go to all the links please.

This is the fork that used to be on the Bike before I got it, The new one I have, the one above the Triple clamp it much better, it's lighter, increased turning radius, and better response in the bikes geometry.  With just the 3" of travel it is better for singletrack.  Yes, that extra inch would be nice for extra control on Downhill but I'm a singletrack fanatic.
Now onto some awesome links!! Sorry Rock Shox isn't there, but I just don't like their stuff!!

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