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Welcome to the trucks page this page has all of your favorite types of truck companies like desturcto,gring king,independent,titan ti-lites and many more.This page has all the information about the trucks to help you purchase you trucks.


The Destructo trucks are a really good starter trucks their not to heavy and they last a good amount of time.

Grind Kind

The Grind King trucks are probabaly one of the best trucks you can find out there the light durable weight makes them last long for those everlasting grinds.


The Independent trucks are probabalt the best trucks for lasting long because of their heavy weight and their wide suspension.

Titan Ti-Lites

The Titans are the lightest truck i've ever seen so if you want those high ollies this long lasting truck will do you well.

Tracker b2

The tracker b2 are alright trucks I once knew a friend who had them and he said they suck, but don't take my opinion try them out on your own.