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  1. Am I a Survivor of Abuse, or am I a victim of Abuse?

  2. An Abused Child's Cry

  3. Bibliography of Journals and Articles about Abuse Against Disabled Women Berkley Planning Associates

  4. Child Abuse and You

  5. Child Sexual Abuse University of Illinois Campaign/Urbana

  6. Dating Violence

  7. Frequency of Abuse against the Disabled

  8. Disabled Women Rate Abuse Number One Issue Berkley Planning Associates

  9. Eleven Commandments for Survivors

  10. Finding A Therapist that is Right for You

  11. I have the Right Article I found on Sanctuary mud, and that I adapted.

  12. Kayjay's Story

  13. A Listing of Emotions and a Grade of Intensity of Emotions

  14. Masks

  15. Princess that Wouldn't Be

  16. Rape's Forgotten Victim: Male Rape Susan Wachob, MSW, LCSW

  17. Sexual Assault and Acquaintance Rape

  18. What is sexual harassment?

  19. What Makes the Disabled Child at Risk for Child Abuse Author: Zantal-Wiener, Kathy

  20. What Not to Say to an Abuse Survivor, and What to say

  21. What We Would Like You to Know About Us. From _Triumph over Darkness_ by Wendy Ann Wood, M.A.

  22. Why do some Battered Women Stay? Susan McGee. Copyright. The Domestic Violence Project, Inc./SAFE House.1995

  23. You can Prevent a Child from Being Abused

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