on the road to healing

On the Road To Healing

I am Kayjay, and I am on a journey, on a path, if you will, of healing from child physical, verbal, emotional and sexual abuse. My goal has been to deal with my past in order that I can successfully live in the present and walk confidently into the future. I am glad you came to visit and hope this page provides you with some ideas about who I am and what has helped me.

Who is Kayjay?

I am 44 year old woman from Alberta, Canada and I am a survivor of physical, emotional and child sexual abuse . Child Abuse affects a person for a lifetime unless active intervention is made for the child, or as an adult, a survivor determines to work through a painful yet rewarding process of healing. My story probably is not a lot different than many other survivors of abuse, but it's lasting effects still echo through out my life. I was in therapy for several years and saw a lot of growth as I worked with my therapist . I have found that talking with friends, reading books, and writing have proven to be helpful as I work on healing from my past. I have also learned new skills in dealing with my everyday life and am more aware of my emotions. I still have some major hurdles ahead, but I know that with a lot of hard work, I will make it through.

I am physically disabled, with a neuro-muscular disorder that falls under the research and funding umbrella of the Muscular Dystrophy Association. I am also goofy, like to laugh a lot, listen to good music, watch old movies, read books that encourage and speak of good and not evil. I am a Christian but these pages welcome all people and the overall theme is not bent towards one faith.

I am just like anyone else on the planet, wanting to feel accepted, respected, appreciated and loved, as is the right of any person. Most survivors of abuse would like you to know this about us, and find that comments such as these NOT to be helpful to our healing process.

Although I am female, I am very aware that sexual assault is not just an "female" issue. In my country of Canada, a scandal rocked the Hockey world about 6 years ago. A respected minor league coach was tried, convicted and sentenced for assault against several of his hockey players. Since then, the flood gates have opened and sexual assault centres, police stations and distress centres are receiving calls from concerned parents and male survivors of abuse by coaches and others. May their courage to speak out, help to dismantle the myths surrounding Male Sexual Abuse. There are many males who have been sexually assaulted, and they need care, sympathy, understanding and patience to get through their traumas as well.

If you are a parent, aunt, uncle, teacher, pastor, coach or anyone who has concerns about the children under your care, there are things you can do to prevent those under your care from being another statistic.

Abuse of the Disabled. Please read this page, as it contains important information for any survivor, and particularly for those who are disabled. Professionals might get a bit of insight on how to help in the healing process as well by reading this page.

Index of Articles I have written or adapted for this Site An alphabetised listing of articles I have written or adapted for this site, including the articles tucked away behind links on this page.

Jottings A place for me to express myself with creative writing.

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