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Columbia, SC

Our second stop on the tour was Columbia, SC; my quasi-hometown (as far as the tour is concerned). Meaning that this is the closest I play to home on our two year tour. Dan, Ryan, Gautham, and I borrowed the circus schoolteacher's car and drove from Miami, FL to my hometown, Walterboro, SC, overnight. Talk about a long drive! Columbia was basically as I remembered it two years ago: cold (especially after Miami) and full of unresponsive audiences. It is always one of my pet peeves when an audience is unresponsive (more on this later) especially when I am so close to home! I feel it gives the other performers a bad representation of where I come from. People were very nice and fun to play with in the Adventures though; especially when they found out I was a local boy. Unfortunately I didn’t get any press while I was "home" except for one good live TV spot…and they only focused on me after I told them I was a Carolinian. The one good thing about being in Columbia was having friends and family visit. I had my brother, Jamey, and my two nieces, Tabor and Claire visit the same night as three of my high school buddies, Brantley, Jared, and Campbell. The last day we were in Columbia my Mom and Nana came to watch me perform. That was definitely a highlight of my week.