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Homepage for Ozone Pete

Dark Dreams

Whether you've arrived here by accident or design, you're most welcome. Take off your shoes and take a seat by the fire.

Have a cup of mulled cider if you like.

Comfortable? Good; that's one of the small pleasures in life that we can sometimes provide for one another.

Now, let's take a peek at what we have here for you...


Some mp3 samples of tunes contained in my original CD, "Dark Dreams."

CDBaby is carrying the album and has 4 RA files off of it. Just click 'em for a listen.

Just Plain Folks and folks in general say some of these are pretty swell, but judge by your own tastes. (If you'd like RA files of these, give me a holler and I'll attempt to get them set up.) has some o' the cuts too. (Some more will appear shortly; thanks all for your patience.)


The lyrics to aforementioned tunes for those who "need to know."


Links to musical stuff, other musicians, and a bit of plain ol' "weird-itude."

Get the disc

Here's how you can get your very own copy.


Globe-gaping with Ozone Pete. From Mexico to Argentina; Borneo to Nepal, and a bunch of places in between. (...and no, not pics of me standing in front of "the sights." I'm the guy behind the camera.)

Leave a note if you like. I'll try and respond to all, although personal attacks will be offhandedly ignored, as life is much too short. :o)

(If you paid attention to the locations where "Laura Croft: Tomb Raider", was filmed, you'll know this one. Yes, it's THE coolest location in the movie! The country or the site; either will do.)

If you can tell me where I was when I snapped the photo above, I'll send you a Dark Dreams CD on the house. Send your best guesses here.

THIS MONTH'S WINNER: Yes, m'man Luis Arroyo from CT, USA, you have it: Cambodia (Kampuchea if you prefer). This was taken in the Ankor Wat complex (don't remember which temple; there's so MANY!) just outside the town of Seim Riep in the north. Next photo real soon...

Thanks to All and sundry, and especially Dale for putting the idea in my muddled head. Don't forget Shandy, as good attitudes are hard to come by these days! ;o)


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