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Why Did You Lie To Me

Written by: Jamaica Arranged by: D. Cossom

Chorus: Why did you lie to me? Why did I refuse to see? Was it all about you girl? Why did I wanna believe?

Vs.1 At first it was a mistake. You said it wouldn't happen again I've trusted you twice now. Then I saw you with the other man. What is the point of us being together? Baby girl I know now nothing lasts forever.

Vs.2 All I wanted was love and some of your time. I would have died for you and given you my last dime. Now I see clear. The rain is gone. I'm all grown up now and I'm so happy all alone.


Vs.3 I use to be your man girl my love for you was strong. And to think I use to trust till I found out what you were doing when I wasn't at home. I didn't like you creepin. You thought I didn't know. Now you are having trouble sleepin. Well I guess that's the way it goes.

Vs.4 What were you thinking when you betrayed our trust? Roses in the morning just wasn't good enough. Now you had sometime to think girl. You know where its at. I reject you and your played out ways and your attempts to get me back.

Chorus x2

Argument Chorus