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Written by: Jamaica Johnson and Andrew Seeley Arranged by: Andrew Seeley and KC

Don't call me a boy. Don't call me a boy

Vs.1 I'm a man and I can get down with you. Would a boy wanna get buck wild with you? I'll take you for a ride. Can I hit it for a minute, in my drop top? I'm loving you all over and it don't stop. Don't consider me a boy cause I don't sing pop. (Hell nah) So if you are feelin' what I'm saying and you wanna ride with me. Let me here you say.

Pre-Chorus: It's our prerogative to do what we want to do. It's NG for life baby we got something to prove. So let me take the negativity off your back. It's all about the love when we're breakin' the tracks.

Chorus: I don't want to be what's expected of me. It's not a controversy. I am what I am so just let me be me. It's all about the ladies from the dawgs at NG.

Vs.2 In the middle of the night is not what you expect. I not tearing at your heart so tell me what's next. As long as you love me was all over town. But there's a new squad comin and we're about to break it down. How you gonna say that I'm a wanna be. How could I be? When everything coming from me is genuinely N.G. We don't play we are here to stay, so make way and listen to what I got gotta say.


Chorus x2:

Bridge: Oh O. Take it KC. How dare you question what's down in my soul. Don't make me get upset and lose all control. I'm different then you I know what I like. Our styles are not the same so don't tell me what the write.

Rap: Comin' at you like a hurricane clear my path. You used to mock me now I know your feelin' my wrath. And watching' me laugh got every right and damn it's funny How you're sinking in debt and now I'm swimmin' in the money I didn't mean to bring you down na my intention is to break Nu Ground All ya haters in the back go bouncin' out Cause all I wanna do is come and rock it down

Chorus x4