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Tonight Goes Down In History

Written by: Jamaica Arranged by: D. Cossom and Andrew Seeley

Vs.1 Hey baby is this your first time. I will take it easy won't blow your mind. You are a little shy. I am too. Time is pressing slow. Let's do something new. Your heart is racing so fast, there is no hurry we can make it last. I can see you in my eyes. You make a man wanna cry.

Chorus: Tonight goes down in history. All we need is privacy. It's just all we need for memories. Tonight goes down in history. People can't say what they don't see. Relax baby and be free. Tonight I will make you see. Tonight goes down in history yeah!

Vs.2 Restless are you tonight. I assure you I will get it right. My desire for you is so sweet. The wind is blowing its, just you and me. Memories is what we're gonna make. Just a little time is all it takes. I have only one gift to give. That is for you my sweet lady.

Chorus x2

Bridge: Oooohh Oooohh I said tonight goes down, tonight goes down in history. All we need is some privacy, privacy. Make it last baby yeah and be free, be free yeah. Tonight, tonight, tonight goes down in history.

Chorus x2