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She's Gonna Run

Written by: Jamaica, Erek Anderson, A. Seeley Arranged by: D. Cossom, A. Seeley and KC

Vs.1 It's 12 o'clock and your girl's not home find yourself sitting by the phone alone. Your hear her whispering but she ca1ls my name. You ask yourself why she's playing those games.

Vs.2 So you call her friends they say your love is at an end. She turns the pager off so there won't be no beepin. Chorus: She's gonna run to me I will give her what she needs. I can satisfy her body and be her everything. She gonna run from you can't do the things I do. Your playtime is over and she's dippin on you.

Vs.3 What goes around comes around. You left at home while you went around. She was up at night just to hold you tight. All she really wanted was you in her life.

Vs.4 Is 12 o'clock and you were not home, her mind was wonderin. She 's sitting by the phone. Do you remember playing those games? Now she's callin my name. You're sitting by yourself knowing that things have changed.

Chorus x2

Rap: Girl I got to keep it on the lock down. Cause I'm creepin in and out your town. And over seas is where I bees. Swimmin in the women in the sand and even in the palm trees. Let me take you down for a minute all the things we commit. We do it over and over again girl so don't even sweat it. So let it flow. Now stop, eroctical, methodical. I thought about it. It's logical. He can't compare to things I do while making all your dreams come true. I'll take you places girl you ain't never been. Just me and you your fantasies just won't end.

Chorus x2