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No Your Friend Can't Ride

Written By Jamaica and Andrew

Arranged By KC, Denice Cossom and Andrew

vs1 I see you sitting so good girl, I'm on a move and its so good girl. But I see an obstacle there girl, Is that your protection staring right there girl.

vs2 You see I'm the g that makes u see. Not trying hard so don't call me freaky. All I want to do is to know u better. Got something we can do together. Its u and me not a party of 3. Getting intimate and into it and no one else should. Wanna go but your girl is messing my flow. So let her know she can't come around here no more.

Chorus: No, your friend can't ride with me. Come and step inside with me. Got a big suprise you see. No, your friend can't ride with me.

vs3 When I approach I'm on the creep girl. Too much drama from your friend girl. She don't have a man to hold girl. Jealousy is what I see girl.

vs4 U need a bad boy in your life. I'm breaking beds and blowing out light. I want 2 know u better got something that we can do together. Don't let the neighbors hear our sounds. Gonna take u to my place to luv u down. My intention are clear got nothing to hide. But NO!!! Your friend can't ride.

Chorus: x2

Rap: I'm the thunder and lighting in your life. Its all about me and u that's right. I don't care if she like me or not. But there are things to do at my crib that rocks. We can make the bed or break it down. Why do u have to bring your friend around? She can't breath on your neck and make you feel sexy. Unlike me strictly NG.