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Visit the FAQ page to know all you want to know about the site and about Ms. Dynamite. The most popular or interessting questions e-mailed to me will also be added. If you're having difficulty with the site or can't find what you're looking for, either ask a question on the FAQ page or visit the site map.

This site has had several re-designs over the past few months, if you would like to view pictures and descriptions of each design click here. If you have any ideas for future designs, tell me.

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Thanx to all the people out there that visit the site, keep it going, without you guys, there'd be no point running the site, and I much value your support. Thanx to my friends, for no reason to do with the site, but because without them, my life would be a duller and I'd have gone mad by now without anybody to talk to - maybe I wouldn't have the will to do my websites otherwise, who knows! Thanx to Ms. Dynamite's outstanding tallent, without that, I doubt very much there'd be a site or anybody to visit it! And finally thanx to all the different companies and organisations that made this site possible.

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