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Photo - From grounds of Christchurch Priory to the Redhouse Museum of Robert Harvey Cox -1995.

This ROBERT COX b.1730 to William and Elizabeth was a Master Mariner - ship's Captain. Robert was lost at sea and his wife Jenny (Harvey) COX took out Letters of Administration in 1765 in the presence of her father ROBERT HOLLOWAY HARVEY. Jenny was born c.1732, most likely at Holdenhurst, Hampshire. A stunning portrait in oils of Jenny (Harvey) COX, mother of William (b.1764), graces the wall of 'Clarendon' House, Tasmania.


1. ROBERT HARVEY COX 29.10.1754/8.4.1815 m.1783 ANN WOOLLS 1757/1829.

2. JANE COX b.1758 - died unmarried.

3. ANNE COX 1762/c.1806 - unmarried

4. WILLIAM COX 19.12.1764/15.3.1837 (see later)

The story continues with the life of Robert Harvey Cox and Ann Woolls, as I quote from marvellous data in "Lineage of the Cox Family 1670-2000" by Barry Cox of Melbourne.

ROBERT HARVEY COX was a Clock and Watchmaker, Industrialist and Proprietor of the 'Fusee' Watch-Chain Manufactury in Christchurch, Hampshire from 1790. Robert was born 1754 at Holdenhurst, Hampshire and married 3.7.1783 at Oldiham to Ann (Woolls) 1757/1829 -(sometimes interpreted Wolsey). Robert died 1815 at Christchurch aged 60 and is laid to rest with his wife Ann, in an above ground tomb situated amongst the wild daffodils, which sway in the breeze between the historic gravestones, in the grounds of Christchurch Priory, Hampshire, England. Ann Cox died 1829 at High Street, Christchurch aged 72.

Robert and Ann COX had issue:-

1. Robert Harvey Cox Jun. b.1784 (twin) - died unmarried.

2. Mary Ann Cox 1784 (twin)/1790

3. Charles Cox 1787 Christchurch/1862 Christchurch m.1810 Cape Town, Sth Africa to Helen Thomas b.1792 Killeen, Co.Laios, of Co.Carlow Ireland

4. Anthony Joseph Cox 1788/1788

5. Jane Cox 1791 Christchurch/1841 Winchester m.1813 Joseph Neave from the Isle of Guernsey.

6. Ann Maria Cox 1794 /1874 Christchurch married 1st Thomas Pryce Wynne M.D. Surgeon,Cheshire, 2nd John Davidson who died at Winchester.

7. Harry Cox 1798 Christchurch/1870 London.

Barry Cox of Melbourne holds much wonderful data on this family - contact < >

ROBERT HARVEY COX (1754 - 1815) is remembered by the museum at Christchurch in 2001. The REDHOUSE MUSEUM is a wonderful tourist attraction, telling the history in text and graphics, of the Fusee Chain industry and Workhouse operations, which he and Ann developed over many years. It stands directly opposite Christchurch Priory (over 900 years old) and is open to visitors. Barry Cox will describe these workings in his book, the contents of which he has been researching for many years.

CHARLES COX 1787-1862 (s/o Robert Harvey Cox and Ann Woolls) whose life was so enterprising, becomes a complete story in itself. The way he conducted his life along similar lines to that of William 1764/1837 is quite remarkable. While in Ireland we visited 'Hatley Manor' built by Charles Cox as his intended home in 1837. When completed, this mansion in the village of Carrick on Shannon, Co.Leitrim, was sold to the Town Landlord Charles Manners St.George.

What an amazing site, as we gazed at 'Hatley Manor' standing tall behind the circular driveway, with back lawns and tree lined path leading down to the scenic Shannon River. Next door to the Manor House, was the old courthouse in which Charles had served as magistrate. Charles Cox also built a row of four houses, next to (east) door of 'Hatley Manor' in 1824. It is believed he lived in one of these for a brief time after 1824, until he built a larger home for his family, further down the street, just before the Town Clock and opposite the Market Yard.

Barry Cox has much about detailed information on this family to share with readers at a future time. Charles became a soldier in the British Army - Lieutenant and Captain, serving in different countries around the world. He died in Hampshire the place of his birth. His wife Helen Thomas also died at Christchurch, where they are both laid to rest.


1. Robert Henry Cox 1811 Mauritius/ 1892 Northampton m.1836 Dublin Emily Moore.

2. Harriet Young Cox 1813 Mauritius/1891 Rochester, Kent.

3. Helen Cox 1819 Carrick/Shannon/1891 Bray Co.Wicklow, Ireland

4. Charles J.Cox (Jnr.) 1821 Carrick/Shannon/1853 Carrick/Shannon.

5. Jane Cox 1823 Carrick/Shannon/1903 Earl's Court London

6. Arabella Cox 1825 Carrick/Shannon c.1900 Dublin.

7. Thomas Cox (twin) 1828 Carrick/Shannon/1828 Carrick/S.

8. Elizabeth Cox (twin) 1828 Carrick/Shannon/1900 Dublin.

9. Mathew Dillon Thomas Cox 1829 Carrick/Shannon/1874 Port Darwin (lineage Barry Cox)

10. Henry Cox 1831 Carrick/Shannon/1862 Holborn London

11. Thomas Price Wynne Cox 1835 Carrick on Shannon/1875 shipwreck 'Flinders Passage' Queensland. It is the story of this line of the Cox Family that Barry Cox has been researching. There are many great stories left to us, by the 'enterprise' of our pioneering ancestors.

FUSEE CHAINS. For interest of the casual reader - herewith some notes on fusee chain making. The making of fusee chains brought relief to the poor and also provided an essential part of even the most costly watches. Length of chain up to 6½" cost 15/6d per dozen; up to 9½" cost 18/6d per dozen. Records of the time show the number of people working, their hours and their wages. Some were even spinning flax, some knitting hose, spinning worsted, making apparel for the house, among other activities.

In Whites directory of Christchurch 1859 "The manufacture of fusee chains was introduced here in the latter part of the 18th century by Robert Cox and it now gives employment to about 500 hands - chiefly female and almost exclusively supplies the watchmakers of London, Coventry, Liverpool and Birmingham as well as many in America. An exhibit of fusee chain making in the Redhouse Museum in Christchurch was presented by Mrs.Rose Andrews, who used to help along with her mother, a resident of Christchurch - making watch and fusee chains."


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