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January 01, 2015
- I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays and we welcome 2015 with open arms.
- Added Godzilla (US) & M.U.T.O. to the Toho Millennium sub-section.
- Added Techno-Sentient to the Godzilla: The Series sub-section.
- Added Cool Seijin, Ghose Seijin, Kanan Seijin, Pega Seijin, Poll Seijin, Shadow Seijin, Spell Seijin, Tepeto Seijin, Wild Seijin, and Zampaa Seijin to the Ultraseven sub-section.
- The Great MM

November 02, 2014
- Completed updated and finished the Johnny Sokko and His Giant Robot section. New stats include Amberon, Cleopat, Doublion, Dracolon, Draculon, Emperor Guillotine, Hydrazona, Igganog, Iron Claw, Iron Jawbone, Nucleon, Opticon, Reconstructed Doragon, Scaleon, Tentaclon, and Torozon.
- The Great MM

October 11, 2014
- As expected, the previous update was an April Fool's joke. I also apologize for the lack of updates between then and now, but a mixture of private life and photo bucket issues prevented updates throughout. But we're back on track as of now!
- Added Giant Fish to the Other Monsters section.
- Added the Tekkouki Mikazuki TV sub-section with Doa-Idom, Fuurin-Idom, Gekkouki, Giriik, Shingetsu, Spartacus T.C., Suika-Idom, and Tekkouki Mikazuki.
- Revamped the Kadokawa section with alphabetical listings and a new banner done by Earth Baragon.
- The Great MM

March 32, 2014
- Added the new WWE section with Kane and The Undertaker.
- The Great MM

March 29, 2014
- Added Bakulah, Baronsaurus, Black Dragon, Bobby, Deceitman, Dokuron, Dr. Gori, Fake Spectreman, Gamagaeru, Gilagind, Great Satan, Icarus, Kabagon, Kumokaiju, Kuruma-Nikuras, Kyudora, Magmasaurus, Magulah, Metanodon, Mitsuzu-Ryu, Mogz, Monster X, Moonthunder, Mound Dragon, Noman, Salamandar, Satan King, Spectreman, Sphinx, Spincobra, Tengudon, Vegaron, Weed Kaiju, Zariganid, and Zunou to the Spectreman section.
- The Great MM

March 03, 2014
- After years of absence, we welcome the one and only Earth Baragon back to the Monster Archives. He will be handling various TV series and designing our banners.
- The Toho section page has been completely revamped with a tremendous banner designed by Earth Baragon.
- Added Cyborg Whale, Giant Antlion, Giant Manta Ray, Giant Octopus, Golden Guardians, and Power Dragon the HB Godzilla Toho TV sub-section.
- Added Bakugon, Garoga Gorilla, Garoga Spider, Gelderah, Gondargilas, Goramu, Grotogauros, Needlar, Super Jikiro, and Zone Fighter to the Zone Fighter TV Toho Sub-Section.
- Added Arumusoga, Barigen, Bonbaron, Buffalon, Dagger, Despair, Haraboraso, Jadonga, Kajuron, Kinasosa, Megaloman, Miramonokuru, Poareiso, Rezatsukusu, Songa, Suidorasu, Terogirasu, Vacuum, Yunigoso, Zatan, Zonbiron, and Zubaida to the Megaloman TV Toho Sub-Section.
- Added Anguirus, Battra, Ebirah, Gigan, Godzilla, Hedorah, King Ghidorah, Kiryu, Kumonga, MechaGodzilla, Megalon, Mothra, Rodan, and SpaceGodzilla to the IDW sub-section of Toho Comics. All of these bios are of those that appeared in the Godzilla: Half-Century War mini-series.
- Added Beast Squid, Gargantuas, and Giant Crab to the Giant Monsters section.
- Added Dren and White Shark to the Other Monsters section.
- Added Bemusa King, Blacker, Chiranodan, Dark Mander, Death Torosaurus, Devilsaurus, Dorango, Double Godo, Fireman, Gadorasaurus, Gagango, Green Giller, Haromongan, King Zaura, Lanosaurus, Long Neck, Makurosaurus, MukuMuku, Speguzu, Terasaurus, and Virenus to the Fireman section.
- The Great MM
- Started the Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea TV section with Arctic Plankton, Giant Catfish, Giant Jellyfish, Giant Octopus, Mimic Aliens, and Moby Dick Whale.
- Earth Baragon

January 1, 2014
- 2014. It marks the tenth year of the Monster Archives. We started way back in November of 2004 and, honestly, I am more than surprised that we are still running strong. To celebrate, I've finally gotten around to completely revamping the main page. I will be debuting the different sections one at a time, with a goal of one per month.
- Added Chasseur Team, GaoFighGar, Genesic GaoGaiGar, Gimlet Empereur, Palparepa Prajna, Percurio, Pia Decem PEAK, Polturn, Ptulone, Puranus, P-Vater, and Zonuda Robot to the GaoGaiGar section.
- The Great MM

Total Bios: 3419

Universal Clash Arena RPG
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Godzilla (HB)

Height 164 feet

66,000 tons

- Atomic Flames: Godzilla can launch a stream of deadly atomic fire, which is hot enough to melt rocks into molten lava, from his mouth.

- Laser Beams: From his eyes, Godzilla fire twin beams of red lasers. These lasers are especially focused and hot, able to burn through most materials with ease.

: None

Godzilla (Entire Series, 1978 - 1979)

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