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January 02, 2016
- Just wanted to say that I know updates have been slow. Life has just been busy, but I am in no way giving up on the Monster Archives.
- Added Zillo Beast to the Star Wars section.
- Added Cyclops, Enigma, Man-Eaters, Ogre, Pliosaur, Predator X, Sea Vampires, Wakinyah Demon, and White Dragon to the Other Monsters sections.
- The Great MM

August 30, 2015
- Added Dorzu Seijin, Giant Yapool II, and Kahn Seijin to the Ultraman Taro sub-section.
- Added Blizzard to the Ultraman Leo sub-section.
- Added Bam Seijin, Rattler Seijin, and Zatan Seijin to the Ultraman 80 sub-section.
- Added the Ultraman Ginga sub-section with Akumania Seijin Muerte, Antlar, Bemstar, Bemular, Birdon, Black King, Chiburu Seijin Exceller, Dark Galberos, Dark Lugiel, Dark Ultras, Dark Zagi, Doragoris, Eleking, EX Red King, Fire Golza, Five King, Gan Q, Giant Yapool, Gomora, Gudon, Gutz Seijin Bolst, Hyper Zetton, Icarus Seijin, Imperializers, Jashrin, Jean-Nine, Kemur Seijin, King Joe Custom, King Pandon, Metron Seijin Jace, Nackle Seijin Gray, Ragon, Red King, Sadora, Shepardon, Super Grand King, Thunder Darambia, Tyrant, Ultraman Ginga, Ultraman Victory, Vakishim, Valky Seijin, Velokron, Zaragas, Zettonian Berume, and Zoa Murochi.
- The Great MM

February 15, 2015
- Added Poseidon Rex to the Other Monsters section.
- Added the Puppet Master sub-section with Blade, Blitzkrieg, Bombshell, Cyclops, Decapitron, Djinn the Homunculus, Dr. Death, Drill Sergeant, Jester, Kamikaze, Leech Woman, Ninja, Pinhead, Retro-Blade, Retro-Pinhead, Retro-Six-Shooter, Six-Shooter, Tank, Torch, Totems, Tunneler, and Weremacht.
- Added Queen Bug and Plasma Grenadier Bugs to the new Starship Troopers sub-section. All previous stats have also been updated.
- Added The Miner to the Slashers and Evil Spirits sub-section.
- Added Vacuumon to the Ultraman Jack sub-section.
- Aded Aquarius Seijin, Bad Baalon, Baktari, Coakes, Daidarahoshi, Dreamgillas, Fire Seijin, Firemons, Fubigirara, Gasegon, Geegon, Gitagitanga, Hanzagiran, Hipporito Seijin, Iceron, Jumbo King, Kaimanda, Kaiteigagan, Lunatyx, Machless, Namahage, Onidevil, Orion Seijin, Red Jack, Revole Seijin, Shishigoran, Signalion, Simon Seijin, Snowgirin, Soundgillar, Sphinx, Steel Seijin, Ultraman Ace, Undergroundmon, Univerlages, Velokron II, and Woo II to the Ultraman Ace sub-section.
- Added the Titans to the Other Animation-sub section.
- The Great MM

January 01, 2015
- I hope everyone had a Happy Holidays and we welcome 2015 with open arms.
- Added Godzilla (US) & M.U.T.O. to the Toho Millennium sub-section.
- Added Techno-Sentient to the Godzilla: The Series sub-section.
- Added Cool Seijin, Ghose Seijin, Kanan Seijin, Pega Seijin, Poll Seijin, Shadow Seijin, Spell Seijin, Tepeto Seijin, Wild Seijin, and Zampaa Seijin to the Ultraseven sub-section.
- The Great MM

Total Bios: 3519

Monster Spotlight

459 feet

524 feet

600 tons


- Electromagnetic Beam: By opening her massive forehead horns, Legion can launch devastating blasts of highly explosive electromagnetic energy. These beams can create truly gigantic explosions and can also short out most electronics in the general area.
- Energy Whips: Should her horns be torn off, Legion can launch numerous energy whips, capable of slicing through opponents or impaling straight through them, from her exposed forehead.
- Spear Legs: Legion's legs are extremely long and sharp, acting as perfect spear weapons.
- Symbiotic Legions: Legion is able produce one-hundred Symbiotic Legions an hour with her body. She can open parts of her chest that will then allow the swarm to fly free and do her bidding.
- Electromagnetic Shield: Should Legion be attacked, she can erect an electromagnetic shield to protect her from projectiles. This can quickly disrupt electronic weapons, such as rockets, and also protect her from energy attacks. However, should several of her side arms be severed, the shield will be weakened.


First Appearance: Gamera 2: Attack of Legion

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