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Shea Stadium


Shea Stadium is located in Queens 126th Street and Roosevelt Avenue, Flushing, New York. The stadium has been housing the Mets since its inauguration in 1964.  The stadium is named after attorney William Shea. He became a major proponent in bringing a NL expansion franchise to New York in 1962 following the city's abandonment by the Giants and the Dodgers. Shea desperately wanted a baseball franchise to represent New York in major league, but when his plans were not heeded to, he set up a third major league, the Continental League in 1958, with a franchise particularly for New York. The new league failed to grab the attention of fans and consequentially died before a single game was played.

In 1960, National League owners expanded and awarded franchises to Houston and New York. The Mets initially paid to play only one season at the Polo Grounds, but due to a delay in the construction of the new ballpark, the Mets resumed to play at Polo Grounds. Built at the cost of $28.5 million the construction of the stadium took 29 months for its completion. Originally, it was decided that the stadium will be addressed as Flushing Meadow Park, but was named in honor of Shea,

The stadium has 24 ramps and 21 escalators. It is designed in such a way that the seating capacity can be increased to 90, 000. It was also the first stadium capable of being converted from baseball to football and back using two motor-operated stands that moved on underground tracks. It was also decided that the construction of the dome would also be carried out one day to give it a contemporary look, but the studies showed that the stadium might collapse under the weight of a roof. The playing territory in the stadium has natural grass, symmetrical fences, and the ML's largest scoreboard behind the right-centerfield fence. Left field is an interactive area, while in center a large red apple rises out of a top hat after each Mets player hit a home run. The apple features the Mets logo and the words HOME RUN in big letters.

The winds blowing from the nearby Flushing Bay also affects the course of game. At times they make the play an immense joy and at times give a bitter experience to the players and the fans. Shea is truly a pitchers paradise due to an extensive foul territory and almost all of its 55,601 seats are in foul territory. The right-center scoreboard is one of largest in the majors. It is 175 feet long and 86 feet high with Bulova clock on top. The stadium is the property of the city of New York and is the noisiest outdoor ballpark in the majors, because of its proximity to the LaGuardia Airport. The stadium also housed the New York Yankees during the 1974 and 1975 seasons while Yankee Stadium was being renovated. The Yankees also played its home games at Shea Stadium in 1998 after a beam collapsed at Yankee Stadium. The New York Giants played at Shea in 1975.


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