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The Mets were formed in 1962 after the departure of Brooklyn Dodgers and New York Giants from the New York city. With an intention to position in New York city, the National League expanded and awarded a franchise to New York in 1960. George Weis became the president and general manager of the team and Casey Stengel became the head coach. The Mets in their first season of MLB campaign proved to be a big flop since the team delivered the league’s worst record, indeed worst for any new franchise. The Mets wasted no time to rebuild themselves. In 1964, the Mets moved to play their home games in the Shea Stadium. They won their first National League Championship in 1969 and earned the name the “Miracle Mets.” In the World Series, they defeated the Baltimore Ravens.

Before the start of 1972 season Yogi Berra was employed as the team’s new manager. He helped the Mets to excel from last place to first place finish in the East Division in 1973. That same season the Mets defeated the Cincinnati Reds for the NL pennant, but were thrown out of action by the Oakland Athletics in the World Series. From 1974 to 1983, the Mets finished no better than third place with a line-up featuring first baseman Keith Hernandez, outfielder Darryl Strawberry, and pitchers Ron Darling and Dwight Gooden. In 1984 and 1985 Strawberry and Gooden led the Mets and helped them to finish in second-place. The team’s third NL title came in 1986 after Mets won a franchise-record of 108 games. Another division title came in 1988 with two consecutive second-place finishes in 1989 and 1990. for three good years starting from 1991, the Mets remained at the cellar with mediocre records after the 1993 season. 

In 1999, the Mets once again made the playoffs. The highlight of the season was Ventura who hit a grand slam in both games of a May 20th Double Header against the Milwaukee Brewers. In 2000, the Mets contended as a Wild Card team for the second straight year. In the division series they knocked the San Francisco Giants. In the NLCS, the Mets became a stumbling block for the St. Louis Cardinals. Mets lefty Mike Hampton for pitching 2 complete shutouts earned the NLCS MVP honors. The Mets relatively featured young players and therefore could not retain their hold. In the post season, the Yankees defeated the Mets in 5 Games. 2001 was miscellaneous for the team. Before the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center the Mets fell 14 games below .500 and after the terrible happening the Mets finished the season with an 82-80 record. In 2002, Mets Al Leiter defeated the Arizona Diamondbacks and became the first Major League pitcher to defeat all 30 teams. That same season, Mets manager Bobby Valentine received the prestigious Branch Rickey Award. He became the first non-player to receive this honor. However, the Mets finished the season in last place with a disappointing 75-86 record. In 2003, the Mets experimented with the team. They gave an opportunity to Jose Reyes, a young prospect to take over the major responsibility of the team. Jose Reyes did not disappoint his scouts and over .300. He became an instant hit among the fans. But soon he was sidelined due to an ankle injury. The Mets finished the season in last place with a record of 66-95. In 2004, the Mets finished the season in 4th place with a 71-91 record.


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