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***I decided to go to my sister's work, which I haven't been in the past 3 years, but I went today. And they are usually taping movies or commercials practically everyday...seeing as it is LA. So, when I got there with my sister, they were filming something inside her work building. So, my sister went up and asked a guy what they were taping...and they said First Daughter, she asked who was in it..the guy was just laughing and said uhh Katie Holmes, but we thought he was then a little later, we asked another guy if he knew who was in the movie...and he said Katie Holmes!!! I was like totally excited now!!! So on our lunch break, we went and just talked to some guy in the hotel...and he was like, you wanna go up and see the set!!!?!?!?!?! So we went up to the floor they were filming on...but of course, they were on their lunch break, and we had to get back to the office...but so then we went after we got off work...we kept talking to all these people and sorta just sneaking around, seeing as you needed a special card to access the right floor. We then got up to the floor againnnnnn. We asked if we could watch a set because our friend is working on the movie and so a few guys were asking some other people if we could or not...and right sister was like there she goes!!!..Katie Holmes of course!!! And she was walking with her back towards me...all I saw was her hair and she was in a white robe. I guess they had walked into the wrong room...and so they turned around and they walked right by us!!!!!!!! She was less than 2 feet from me!!! And she like brushed up right against my sister!!!! I also saw Michael Keaton too!!!! It sucked...haha cause I brought a digital camera just incase I saw someone...but I couldn't have taken pictures, because it was on the set and everything. I really wanted a picture!!! But oh well, seeing Katie Holmes that close was good enough for me. It was so cool!!! lol, there are a whole bunch of other funny things we went through to get on the set, but it was so much fun! Now I've seen Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek in person!! I saw James at a taping of the Jay Leno show! Well that's my exciting news for now!!! :) Sorry to bore you all. hehe :)*** I also just saw Oliver Hudson at the taping of Jay Leno!
So.....I went a few other times to where they were taping at the Biltmore...and I couldn't really see anything, so I went to the UCLA campus the two days they were filming! I saw sooo much!!! I have pictures and a video!!! I was even a background extra for the movie! So, hopefully I'll be able to see myself in the movie. It was really cool. I also saw Chris Klein, he was there visiting Katie. But, that is my update for now! Hopefully I'll post a few pictures when I get them developed.

Here are a few pictures, they are a little blurry. I have about 40ish different pictures from the taping. If you'd be interested in buying any copies for 40 cents a piece or a little cheaper if you want more, email me. Hope you enjoy these few I posted!

Hey Everyone!! I am 21/f and I live in Southern California. This is a web page dedicated to my all time favorite tv show!!!! So, that's why there's not a whole lot of information about me, but if you want to know something, click the link above or e-mail me. I put a lot of time an effort into the links above, so you better go check them out!!!!!! :-P At the links, a collage of pictures, biography, filmography, quotes (click on a character to find quotes!), song lyrics, list of the songs on the soundtracks, summary about the show, transcripts (in progress!), pictures, episode guide, and more!!! E-mail me if something doesn't work or if you have any comments or if there is anything you think I should add, I'd be more than happy to hear from you. Thanks!!!! If you want to know anything else or just chat IM me or e-mail me at or Thanks!
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