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Hey Everyone! I am so sorry that I have not updated this site in such a long time! I have been really busy with school and I am making another site for the University of Louisville college basketball team! I am really excited about this new site! But dont worry, I will not forget about this site and I will try to update it ASAP! I think i need a vacation, LOL! OH YEA!!!!! I have been doing some thinking lately! I want to know what the fans think about Mariah, my site, the news, etc! I WANT TO KNOW YOUR OPINIONS!!! So, Each time I update my site, I am going to ask a question under the subject "POLL"! If you want to speak your opionion, then e-mail me your opinion and I will put your responce on this website! So, if you want to be heard, then e-mail me! (It must be something about the question to make it on the site! Even if it is against Mariah Carey, I will put it on the site, but please do not use profanity or any bad language! If you do, then I will put your e-mail address on my block list and your opinion will not be on my website!) Anyways, Enjoy the site and please forgive me!

~*~BAD NEWS~*~

I am afraid I have some bad news! Most of you all probably already know but I know there are a lot of people who do not know, but Anyways.....the bad news is, because of Sony Music (Tommy Mottola), Mariah Carey will not be singing the theme song to "The Grinch"! I think that Sony Music is being really cruel to Mariah! Come on...Just because Mariah isnt married to Tommy anymore and has a new love, doesnt mean they can stop her from singing her OWN song, topping the charts, ect! Am I right? Instead of Mariah singing the song that she wrote, "Where Are You Christmas", Faith Hill will be singing it! Now that will be intresting!


Hey! I just wanted to say that I just saw Mariah Carey's new video for "All I Want For Christmas Is You (Remix)" feat. Lil Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri! Let me tell you, This is one of the most cutest videos she has done! It is all in cartoon! In the beginning it has Lil Bow Wow and Jermaine Dupri in the living room waiting up for Santa Clause, but Lil Bow Wow's mom is yelling at him and telling him it's time for him to get to bed! But he doesnt go, he just sits there and waits for Santa! Him and J.D. talk to Mariah one of those new mottarola 2 way pager things...and so she goes to see what's up w/ Santa cuz Lil Bow Wow is waiting for him...And it turns out that he was sleeping! So Mariah trys all she can to wake him up. Jack (her dog) is in the video and trys to help Mariah wake Santa up. Then she gets him up w/ her magic wand. So Mariah and Santa go to Lil Bow Wow and Mariah hands Lil Bow Wow a key to a nice car and it has a girl waiting for him in the car. Then she hands Jermaine Dupri a new Rolex. And you know how in the song, Mariah is saying that all she wants for Christmas is you...well at the end she apears on a beach, in a bikini, w/ a hott guy! I think the guy is Louis Miguel! Most likely it is! But anyways....i know the video sounds really hott, but remember, it's ALL in cartoon. The video premiered on a show on BET called 106 & Park. The show comes on every weeknight at 6pm (Eastern). They show the repeat of the night before at 11:30AM. So if you want to try to catch this video, then tune into BET at 11:30AM (Eastern). Mariah Carey and Jermaine Dupri called into the show and talked about the video before they premiered it and Lil Bow Wow was on the show. Lil Bow Wow introduced the video and said, "This is my girl, Mariah Carey's new video, All I Want For Christmas Is You Remix" he said something like that! Anyways....Just watch it for yourself! It definently worth watching!!!!


I would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years, because I might not be updating my site anytime soon! I hope everyone has nice, safe, and happy holidays!


I know that I havent been updating this site as much as I promised...but by looking at the charts, I still have fans, because my site is #5 on the top Mariah Carey sites! So I would like to say, THANK YOU and keep voting! I love you all!


This weeks question(s) is: What do you think about Mariah Carey's new video?? AND What would you get Mariah Carey for Christmas???


I would like to apologize to all the fans out there that visit my site everyday and see the same thing! Im just really busy through the weeks! I dont know exactly when, but I will probably update my website at least twice a week! Again, I am truly sorry! I would like to Thank Devin for always helping me with my site! You are the best and have alwasy been here for me and my site! Thanx for everything! I will never forget you!!! All the success that my site gets, i owe it to you! Thanx Sweetie!

*~*~*~* Well......that's all the news on Mariah that i have for ya right now, but Thanx for viewing my web-site, and please come back!!! Yours Truly,

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