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Pierre Presse 1736-1809

Our ancestor Pierre Presse is born on April 12 1736 in Trois Rivieres, Quebec. He is baptized on May 24 1736 under the name of Pierre with no last name. He is raised by Joseph Girard & his wife Marie Vanasse. At the age of 7, on June 20 1742, a contract is drawn up for Joseph Girard to be paid 45 pounds to raise Pierre, a bastard child, till the age of 20. The lawyer that draws up this contract is named Olivier Hyacinthe Presse.

On March 1 1746, Joseph Heu is accidentally killed by Olivier Presse, the lawyer. While drunk and trying to impress his friends with his sword, Olivier accidently slipped on the ice and wounded Joseph Heu who died shortly after.

During the first trial, Presse and his friend Pierre Francois Rigault accused each other of being responsible for his death. Olivier was found guilty and Rigault innocent. Presse was sentenced to the galley. (A ship with men running the oars from below deck?)

He appealed and during his second trial, told the above story about slipping on the ice. But before the trial was over, Presse dissappeared and was never heard of again.

Well, back to our Pierre Presse.
On April 21 1760 Pierre marries Marguerite Deschamps in Trois Rivieres. He marries under the name Pierre Presse. We wonder why he took the lawyers name but we have no proof if they were related or not.

I did find the following references to other Presse's in new france:

Jacques Presse dit Pressec born Dec 15 1705 in Montauban, France. His parents were PIERRE Presse & Anne Delarduy.

There's a PIERRE PRESSE who immigrated from Bretagne. (Must get year - may not apply)

Notre-Dame de Montreal shows that a "M. Presse" owned a negro named Pierre.
(M. Presse may be 'Mr Presse'. Years may not correspond?)

The line ends with our Pierre Presse. We will probably never know for sure his ancestory.

The Presse Descendants

Pierre Presse
Marguerite Deschamps

m. April 21, 1760
in Trois-Rivieres, Que

Modeste Presse
Marie Anne Baril

m. Nov 6, 1809
in St-Pierre les Becquet, Que

Cyrille Presse
Rosalie Beauchesne

m. May 30, 1848
in St-Pierre les Becquet, Que

Zephirin Presse
Jeanne Dionne

m. July 12, 1887
in Fortierville, Que

Emile Presse
Rose Anna Pitt

m. April 12, 1915
in St-Louis de Blandford, Que

Marguerite Presse
Rolland Madore
m. Jan 13, 1945
in Beaudry, Rouyn-Noranda, Que.

Jeanne Dionne
Jeanne Dionne was married to Zephirin Presse

on July 12, 1887 in Fortierville, Que.
Jeanne Dionne is Emile Presse's mother.
Emile's sister is standing next to her.

Emile Presse 19 years old ~ 1912
Emile Presse was married to Rose Anna Pitt.
This photo was taken before he was married.

Emile Presse & Rose Anna Pitt
Wedding Picture 1915

Marguerite Presse & Rolland Madore
Wedding Picture 1945