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Joseph Pitts & Mary Connor

This has been my biggest challenge.  Grandma Presse said we were related to William Pitt (1708-78), the Prime Minister of England. I don't think we were direct descendants since his two sons had no children that are known.  But he may be a great uncle?

I don't have much info on Joseph Pitts & Mary Connor.  My 10 year search for her maiden name ended last summer (2001) when I found her son Thomas's catholic baptism.  Here is the story of Thomas Pitt.

He was baptized on Oct 5 1777 by the Church of England (Anglican) in Quebec City.  It listed his parents as Joseph Pitts & Mary.  (No maiden name for the mother).  He married Josette Hausman on July 31 1800 in Riviere Ouelle, Quebec.  This did not list his parents names.  He was a lawyer in Riviere Ouelle.  His son William was also a lawyer whom we also descend from.  He probably died in 1814 since his legal records end then.

Last summer I found him baptized again on May 6 1789 at Notre Dame de Quebec in Quebec City (Catholic).  It said he was 12 years old.  His parents were both deceased.  And it gave his parents names as Joseph Pitts and Mary Connor.  WOW!   Was I excited to find this!

I'm corresponding with a distant cousin Paul, who is also researching this couple.  He gives me the following story.

Joseph Pitts immigrated to the USA.  He came up to Canada at the age of 11 or 12 with a couple from Holland.  His parents name were Joseph Pitts and Mary Cannon.  (I've got Connor - close enough).  He supposedly received a sum of money from William Pitt, Lord Chatham.  Interesting, isn't it?

Well, my search continues!


The Pitt Descendants

Joseph Pitts
He married Marie Connor prior to 1777.

Thomas Pitt
Josette Hausman
Married on July 31, 1800
in Riviere Ouelle, Que
He was baptized by the Church of England.

Guillaume (William) Pitt
Therese Rousseau
Married on August 7, 1827
in St-Francois du Lac, Yamaska, Que

Sieur Hermenegilde Pitt
DeMoiselle Henriette Boisvert
Married on October 27, 1863
in St-Thomas de Pierreville, Que

Ernest Pitt
Marie Louise Ayotte
Married on Febuary 2, 1891
in Ste-Anne, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA

Rose Anna Pitt
Emile Presse
Married on April 12, 1915
in St-Louis de Blandford, Que




Ernest Pitt & Marie Louise Ayotte

Ernest was born on Nov 21 1865 in St-Thomas de Pierreville, Que.  Marie Louise was born Aug 27 1867 in St-Barthelemy, Que.

Ernest Pitt married Marie Louise Ayotte on Febuary 2, 1891 in Ste-Anne, Woonsocket, Rhode Island, USA.

Ernest was a police officer.

They had 6 children ~ 4 daughters & two sons.

The two sons died at 5 months and 1 1/2 years of age.

Marie Louise died on Xmas day in 1901 from Puerperal Fever (Infection after birth of a child). She was 34 years old.

Ernest remarried Aglaee Marchand on April 22 1902.

He never had children with Aglaee.

Ernest died Aug 27 1930 in Woonsocket, RI, USA.

Ernest had a twin brother who died at the age of 8 months.


Rose Anna Pitt 17 years old ~ 1911

This photo was taken before she married.

She is 17 years old here.

She was only 7 years old when her
mother died on Xmas day in 1901.

She came to Canada about 1911.


Rose Anna Pitt & Emile Presse

Their wedding photo.  Married on April 12, 1915 in

St-Louis de Blandford, Que.

They were married by her uncle Wenceslas Pitt who was a priest in St-Louis de Blandford, Que.

Emile died on Nov 25 1954 in Beaudry, Rouyn, Que.

He died from a heart attack. He was 61.

Anna died on April 11 1968 in Beaudry, Rouyn, Que.

She died from a stroke. She was 73.