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Marguerite Langlois


Ancestor on the Clement, Madore, Pitt and Presse lines.


Sister of Francoise married to Pierre Desportes.  Remarried Rene Branche on Feb 17 1665.


Samuel D.Champlain was born 1567, Brouage, France and he died in Quebec on the 25 December 1635.  Champlain sailed in the printemp of 1603 for Nouvelle France on the 12 ton ship the Bonne Renommee.  It anchored at Tadoussac a summer trading post.  In 1604 he joined the North American expedition of Pierre de Monts as Geographer and Cartographer.  The premier winter 35 out of 79 men died of scurvy on the isle of Ste.Croix.  The two following winters were spent on Port Royal near Digby, N.S.  He passed the summers exploring the rivers of Maine and charting the coast as far as Cape Cod and Martha’s Vinyard.


In 1608 he and 32 colonist established the settlement at Quebec. In may of 1620 he again sailed from Honfleur, France to Nouvelle France with his 22 year old wife Helene.  The ship the St.Etienne cleared with lady passengers.  Helene his wife of 10 years,  (she was 12 when married) and three ladies in waiting and a maid of all work. After a 2 months crossing they reached Tadoussac on 7 July,1620 and there met Eustache Boulle, Helene’s brother.  They later arrived at Quebec where a population of 60 were waiting   For the next four years Helene had nobody of her own sex to talk to other than her three ladies in waiting, Madame Hebert (Marie Rollet) and daughter, the two Langlois girls Francoise married to Pierre DesPortes the baker, and Marguerite married to Abraham Martin dit L’Ecossais and during her last winter the wife of Nicolas Pivert.  Champlain and his wife resided in Fort St.Louis, from July 1620 to 21 Aug,1624 and sailed for Dieppe, France leaving Emery DeCain in charge of Quebec with a population of 51.


Samuel D.Champlain by Samuel Eliot Morison   Drouin, Sulte. 

Jack Langlois